Secrets and Lies

Casey is a teenager with an amazing will to succeed. She is an incredible runner and is determined to enter a marathon. However it is not that easy. Her world is upturned as her friend's life begins to break down and only Casey can help, Casey is madly in love with a man she thinks will never want her and a sad turn of events results in a huge blow. But Casey is still determined to follow her dream...


21. 21st August 2013

21st August 2013

The town was a blur of grey as I cycled along the path. Cody was right beside me, on his green bike which he pumped his legs on. We had been training for weeks now but this was the first time that he took me out to ride a bike for about twenty miles. Twenty miles is a long way I know, so we had to pace ourselves. He taught me how to do this and why riding a bike is great training for the marathon. It was nice to be doing something different; even though I liked running more this was pretty good. Also riding with Cody made sure that I had no time to think about the one who crushed my heart and Cody was good company.

I liked feeling the wind in my hair, accelerating faster than I ever normally could on a run. I loved feeling free and yet knowing this was great training for that marathon I so wanted to compete in. As we flew past a worn down factory I saw a set of cold grey eyes staring at me. But I had no time to stop or think about it, we were already off and biking towards the next part of the town. “We are nearly back; I want you to go faster than you ever have done before! Race me!” Yelled Cody over the loud noise we were making. And that’s what I did. I pedalled extremely hard imagining that with every pedal it was a punch it the women’s face who had been kissing the man that my heart belonged to. It seemed to do the trick as soon I had overtaken Cody and was rapidly approaching the pretend finishing line. As I reached it I lifted my arms in triumph, wow! I had won by at least five whole seconds.

“That was amazing Casey! If you don’t ever become a runner then I imagine that you would be a damm good cyclist!” We high fived as we got of our bikes and went back inside for the last thirty minutes of training in which we stretched.


“Babe, I really, really don’t want miss that party tonight but I have to work. You’re the one who told me to go out there and get and job; to provide for my family. So I am. I have to work at that dirty smelly chip shop until one o’clock tonight with that monster of a man who can’t seem to stop looking at me. I stink like oil all the time now, and yet you still want to be with me. But I’m sorry babe, I can’t come tonight.” Sighed Amaya as she fell into Ethan’s arms. She looked really upset that she was missing out on this.

I didn’t see the big deal really. I mean Nico and his soon-to-be-maybe-hopefully-girlfriend was using Harry’s party (a mate of Ethan’s) as a great first date for them. I wasn’t going; I was too exhausted. It was Harry’s sixteenth birthday party and was set to be a blast. It was probably going to end up with everyone getting really drunk and wasted; and although how much fun that sounded, I didn’t think it would affect my training. Somehow, I didn’t think arriving at the gym, stumbling and grumbling and being very hung-over would make Cody very happy. He would think that I wasn’t taking the training seriously which was the last thing I wanted.

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