Secrets and Lies

Casey is a teenager with an amazing will to succeed. She is an incredible runner and is determined to enter a marathon. However it is not that easy. Her world is upturned as her friend's life begins to break down and only Casey can help, Casey is madly in love with a man she thinks will never want her and a sad turn of events results in a huge blow. But Casey is still determined to follow her dream...


15. 19th July 2013


It was the last day of school. This only meant one thing. SUMMER WAS HERE!

But first it meant the huge school assembly that everyone dreaded; this included a huge award ceremony where, if picked would have to stand up in front of the whole entire school ( which may I remind you is about 2,000 people including the teachers ) and smile for a cheesy photograph that would be put in next year’s newsletter. And if that wasn’t bad enough; they always had a power point of pictures from the whole year, which being our school included the worse possible photos imaginable which would always get laughed at. And they wonder why so many people are absent on that day.

But I was forced to go into school, so sat next to Amaya on the most awful uncomfortable chairs and waited for the torture to end. Once the whole school was crammed in the whole, the assembly began. After what seemed like hours of rambling of the head teacher (Mr Clarke) the progress leader of years 10 and 11 stood up to present some awards. She was short and plump, with badly dyed hair and tiny blue eyes.

There were awards of every single bloody subject, where the best people would go up, first. Much to Amaya’s surprise, her, Ethan and I were among those chosen for English, then Maths come and went where only the snottiest and stuck up people got the award. They went on and on, calling poor people after poor people to the front. They finished with the art award, and to my upmost delight I was called up to the front with a few other people and of course our teacher. My Thayer was my favourite teacher, he was amazing.

After all the stinky year nines, eights and sevens had their awards it was almost break time. But they weren’t done yet. Oh no, there was still the special awards to go. Now usually on the most incredible people got these awards, and always to Amaya’s dismay she missed out. Of course, I never got one so I just sat down on my chair praying for the bell to go and the hell to end.

Specific teachers went up and awarded their certificate to someone who had done something outstanding. For example, a year eight boy called Niall was awarded a music certificate for his impressive accomplishment of organizing a music workshop at lunchtimes which he choreographed an amazing record with singing and musical instruments from lots of different styles and years and made this record which he then uploaded to you tube. When doing this, he was promised by a local musician who came to watch the performance that he would equal the amount of shares of the video with money. In a month he raised £100 which was then given to a charity of Children In Need. He obviously really deserved that award.

After about ten minutes of drama, history and Spanish awards; Mr Horan came up to the front. “Now this award is for one young lady that accomplished something amazing. As you may have heard, students from our school (who have all been expelled ) did something appalling to her and her friend, which resulted in them staying in hospital for a fair few weeks. And yet when she came out, she was stronger and un-selfishly wanted to prevent this happening to anyone else. And we can guarantee that it will never ever happen again in this school, and can only have wished that we had stopped it a lot sooner. Anyway  she ran for 80 miles in 10 hours on a treadmill for a charity called BeatBullying. With her determination came success and she finished the miles with two hours to spare. Two hours is a lot with running. She did this all for this charity and raised a whopping £500. I am of course talking about Casey Lowe! Around of applause please, as she comes to collect her award.”

Well I wasn’t expecting that. Every single head turned in my direction as I slowly stood up and walked the painstakingly long walk to the stage where bright lights were beaming and Mr Horan was waiting. Heart pounding as fast as a Cheetah and cheeks flaming redder than blood, I shook Mr Horan’s welcoming hand and thanked him. We got our picture taking with a blinding flash, and then I had to go and sit down with my certificate.

Amaya wasn’t happy. She looked positively angry that I had won an award and she hadn’t but Ethan congratulated me, actually meaning it. I didn’t know what to say. Why couldn’t Amaya be happy for me for once? Why did she always have to be the best at everything? I know she was still having a tough time with her family but surely she would be happy for her best friend that had helped her through everything.

As the last award was given out, I scanned the hall automatically; kidding myself that it was for no one in particular. But of course it was. I found him within seconds, smile sweet and soft, to find that he was already staring right at me even though the somebody else was on stage. Catching my eye he grinned, his amazing eyes sparkling, and mouthed “Well done!” Smiling I mouthed back “Thank you!”

“Who are you talking to?” whispered Amaya furiously. And that was it. The contact was broken. I turned to her angry and muttered that I was talking to nobody. But he was far from nobody. Why did she always have to ruin things?


It was break time and for once Amaya and I were alone. No Ethan. I hadn’t really forgiven her for earlier so we sat in a stormy silence, me reading a book and Amaya reading a glossy magazine. “If you had to pick somebody to marry on this page, which would you pick?” asked Amaya randomly breaking the tension and handing me her magazine.

On the page were lots of singers but none were members of One Direction. In fact there were hardly any people I liked in there, plus most of them were girls. With only three boys: Connor Maynard, Gerard Way and Ben Howard; I picked Connor. I asked who she would pick and she sat debating for at least two minutes, nearly hovering over Ellie Golding but then at the last minute choosing Ben Howard. That was confusing…


1 minute. 30 seconds. 10 seconds. 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. 1! Br-r-r-ring! Br-r-r-ring! Br-r-r-ring! The whole class erupted; everyone screaming “School’s out for summer!” It was almost as if we were in High School Musical or something, everyone threw their books in the air (Art books) and ran out of the class room like crazy lunatics wishing Mr Thayer a great summer as he wished us an amazing one too. I was the last one out of the class. “Have a fantastic summer, Callie.” Callie. He called me Callie. My heart sunk, I don’t know why he said it. I had been in his class for a year and I was sure that he liked me, so why forget the simplest thing about me? I had read about something to do with brains, and that because the brain is trying to remember so much about the person that the simplest thing completely disappears. Was he trying to remember things about me? No. Probably not. Maybe?

But within a second, he corrected himself. “Casey, I meant Casey of course” he hammered softly, clearly slightly embarrassed. I tried not to let the hurt show. “That’s okay Sir. Thanks, Have a great holiday too!” I said smiling. The air was filled with tension, like when you both want to continue the conversation but have no idea of what to say. I waited seconds longer hesitating at the door, trying to find the words to say but not being able to. Not knowing what else to do, I walked out feeling his eyes at the back of my neck.

I met Amaya at the bus stop, who were immediately awkwardly kissing as soon as I reached them. Odd…

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