Secrets and Lies

Casey is a teenager with an amazing will to succeed. She is an incredible runner and is determined to enter a marathon. However it is not that easy. Her world is upturned as her friend's life begins to break down and only Casey can help, Casey is madly in love with a man she thinks will never want her and a sad turn of events results in a huge blow. But Casey is still determined to follow her dream...


19. 17th August 2013


The last two weeks passed in a blur. It was all intense training, lots of revision, hanging out with Nico ( who had moved here at the start of the summer holidays ), Amaya and Ethan (we had kind of formed a little group this summer) and resting. I liked the resting parts. I would just sit on my sand hill and paint whatever I wanted. Usually it was the man from my dreams (but was of course at my school), but sometimes pictures from my nightmares which I seemed to be getting more frequently, or of my friends and family. I painted one picture of Hope. No, I hadn’t forgotten about her. I painted the bullies. I painted school. I painted the beach. I painted winning the marathon. The thing with painting is that it enchants you into your own world, where it’s just you and the paper. Nothing else, or nobody else. And I liked that, it was a break from all the chaos. I seemed to have misplaced my usual sketch pad with all my drawings of him and my nightmares in. Of course nobody ever saw these kinds of drawings and paintings; just ones I did for Art and Design at school.

Then a few days ago I plucked up the courage to give a painting to Nico, which I painted of him. I didn’t know how he would react. I thought he might think I was a stalker, or worse. That I fancied him. But of course I didn’t, and I was glad to find out that he didn’t have those feelings for me. When I gave it to him he looked at it for at least five minutes, circling his face on which I had so delicately painted the exact colours. “It’s not very good I know. I knew you wouldn’t like it. Here, I’ll just put it in the bin and save you the job” I blurted out not really knowing what I was saying.

I tried to grab the canvas out of his hand, but he held it tight; not letting me take it. “Casey, do you actually know how amazing this is? This is exceptional, like out of this world. I am being serious; you have so much talent. Wow. I love it! Thank you so much!” He exclaimed hugging me. He was being serious. That made me feel really, really good.

Today was one of my rest days and I intended to spend it outside relaxing with Nico, Amaya and Ethan. Nico, Ethan and I were already in the hot weather on the beach splashing around in the sea. Rarely anyone else came to this beach; it was hidden by the sand hills. It was our own private cove with white shimmering sand and light blue water. Perfect.

I somehow had gotten over my phobia of the sea. I had Nico to thank for that; he seemed to make my fears disappear with just a friendly smile and a warm hand. Besides I was in no danger of drowning or being squashed; there was only three of us.

By the time Amaya arrived we were already half way through our picnic which we ate on the sand. She looked furious. Uh-oh. “You will not believe how unfair my mum is being” She started shouting as soon as she sat down and began to tear of piece of bread to shreds. What a waste. “So there is this writing camp that I really wanted to go too, it starts next week. There is a big festival and workshops with other authors and it was going to be amazing. But mum said I couldn’t go! She told me I was being is immature as Zhen and acting like a baby when I yelled that it wasn’t fair. But Zhen’s right; we never get anything. Then mum went on and on and on about how much she wanted to send me to this camp, but simply said she couldn’t afford it. I screamed at her that she should go and get somebody that could afford it to pay for it like my dad for example. Then I told her it was her fault that Dad left us, and if she was a more exciting and happy person then he wouldn’t of had an affair and moved back to china. I shouted that I hated her before running out of the house and slamming the door” She told us enraged in her own kind of pitiful war.

Ethan and Nico’s mouths were both wide open. How could have Amaya been so cruel and horrid? Her mum was right; she was as bad as Zhen. Ethan was the first to talk. “Amaya, I know you are going to hate me for saying this but you shouldn’t have talked to your mum like that. It was wrong. She is doing everything she can to help you but you just through it back in her face. Okay, she can’t afford something but that can’t be helped, she has to stay at home and look after Amaya. I think you should go back there right now and apologize. I’ll walk you back” Said Ethan more firmly than he ever had before. He got up, pulled Amaya off her feet and held her hand. Nico and I were utterly speechless.

In the end though, we both said that Ethan was right. They walked off, Amaya flabbergasted on how assertive her boyfriend was being. But she went without a fight which surely meant she knew she had wronged.

For the rest of the day, Nico and I relaxed in the baking hot sun trying to take in our last weeks of freedom before wicked exams started all over again.

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