The sand and the snow

Gaara is a boy from the sand village, he is growing up and meets a boy named Canada (or aka matthew) as they grow up they start falling in love with eachother how will this turn out? - for fans of NARUTO and HETALIA


3. seperation *age 8*

Today was the day Canada was leaving the sand village to go back to living in France for good. This meant Canada would have to say goodbye to his closest friend forever... Canada sat in the sand box and waited for Gaara to come at the usual time though Canada was always five minutes early. As five minutes passed Gaara's slender but tiny silhouette was walking up in the distance. Canafa held his breath as he felt tears well up in his eyes. ''Canada...what's wrong....did some one bully you again?'' Gaara asked as he approached the teary eyed cutie pie. ''G....G...Gaara I have to tell you something important..'' Canada looked ay him with tears of sadness rolling down his chubby cheeks. ''What is it can tell me anything..'' Gaara's eyes slightly drifted up to Canada's eyes. '' and papa France...are well going home and he said him and I wont be comming back....Gaara your my very best friend and i'm going to miss you!'' Canada got up and hugged Gaara while bursting into tears. Gaara's face looked as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest. Gaara slowly hugged back holding Canada is his arms. He didn't say a word not goodbye....or i'll miss you too...he was in to much shock to say a thing, to Gaara Canada was like his teddy bear that he loved so very much, and knowing he eould never see Canada made the situation seem all the more upsetting to Gaara himself. Canada didn't want to admit it and neither did Gaara but they to eachother felt closer then friends....they felt like family to one another always there when one was upset or when the other had a scrapped knee, and it would be shattered like glass against a rock. So when Canada left that fateful cloudy day it rained that night...even in France where Canada was it rained too. But this is not the end....they will meet again but in adult hood...
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