The sand and the snow

Gaara is a boy from the sand village, he is growing up and meets a boy named Canada (or aka matthew) as they grow up they start falling in love with eachother how will this turn out? - for fans of NARUTO and HETALIA


1. New commer *age 5*intro*

It was a brisk day in the sand village and Gaara was playing all by himself in the sand box.

"Um, can I play with you?" came a shy voice from the other side of the sand box. Gaara looked up with his beautiful jade eyes and saw the small boy with blonde hair and purple eyes.

"Are you sure you want to play with me, I'm a demon.... no body likes me.." Gaara replied quietly to Canada.

"I'm sure... you seem really nice" Canada grinned happily and sat next to Gaara. While they played France and Temari watched to make sure the kids didn't get into trouble.

"So what's....your name?" Gaara looked at Canada silently. "Oh my name is Matthew, and I live with my papa france" Canada smiled innocently and Gaara  smiled back. So Gaara was making a mini Shukuka and Canada was making his country.


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