The sand and the snow

Gaara is a boy from the sand village, he is growing up and meets a boy named Canada (or aka matthew) as they grow up they start falling in love with eachother how will this turn out? - for fans of NARUTO and HETALIA


2. best friends

Gaara and Canada soon became best friends, they always played together and they never got angery at eachother unless the other did something stupid. Most of the time Gaara would yell at Canada for not defending himself " Gaara I'm sorry....I'm too scared to defend myself" Canada whimpered sadly. "Thats no excuse Canada they have no right to bother you; Because you don't do anything to anybody!" Gaara looked at Canada with a serious as hell look. Canada frowned sadly, and teared up a bit. Gaara then walked over and hugged Canada. " Don't cry friend... it's ok... i still like you" Gaara smiled sweetly. Canada nodded sweetly, and hugged back. Canada was a big cry baby whenever it came to Gaara getting upset with him. Gaara didn't mean to get upset infront of Canada but he did. Gaara didn't like how Canada got beat up just because he was America's brother. Gaara knew Canada was a good person unlike his brother. In a way you could say Gaara loved Canada. But thats later in life. Anyway C Gaara was healing Canada's wounds with a pouting face. Canada had his head down shyly, and honestly was blushing underneath his hair. When Gaara went to clean one of Canada's wounds; Canada flinched in pain, and Gaara apologized sweetly.
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