Unexpected Conclusions

This is a brand new mystery book that will have you on the edge of your seat, excited to find out what will happen next! The twists and turns are UNEXPECTED CONCLUSIONS and you will find out what happens when four girls find out that there is more to their friend's death than they thought...

With a shocking CONCLUSION you will love it!


1. When They Were Twelve

Brittani sat on her couch, listening to Rihanna until her cherry Blackberry beeped; making her bound from her reverie .The dazzling jade display glowed in the December dusk as her fingers fingered the button. Should she respond? She hadn't spoken to any of her friends since school broke up – her holidays were three weeks long and yet this Saturday was almost the finish to her second week. It was Brianna. She was always bothering Brittani - Brianna could be such a pain sometimes! But all the same, Brittani wasn’t sure Brianna was reliable because she told Brianna, in secret, how she once drew on one of Toria’s Barbie dolls and then Toria didn’t forgive her for two months – which is a long time bearing in mind they were eight years old back then. The explanation Brittani was being so secluded from the others was because she couldn't get over Anya’s loss. Her mother sat downstairs having a tablet with her orange juice, her father was at work and her older sister, Skylar, was watching Wild Child in one of the lounges. She sighed. They had the trouble-free life but Brittani was mourning in her bedroom unaccompanied, ignoring the other members of the group. Then she heard footsteps. The sound of shuffling slippers echoed down the hall. And as the door slowly opened, Brittani screamed.


Arianna hugged her knees and clogged any tears that could possibly pour down her even cheeks. She sucked the skin in her cheeks to make her look like she was sucking lemons (which is what Arianna actually did before exams) and clenched her fingers into her patchwork duvet. Then she noticed that the sun was revolving behind the clouds and black fuzz formed over. Arianna sighed at the irony – no, wait, not irony... it’s called pathetic something. Her English tutor did two double periods on it and they watched the lighting in the Series of Unfortunate Events. That was the finest English lesson to Arianna. She remembered looking behind her, at Anya, who smiled and rolled her eyes at the DVD. Arianna did the same because she felt it necessary – at the time Anya was being chilly and isolated and because Arianna didn’t want to mislay her... she worshipped her. But now... Arianna wished that she could turn back time. Arianna touched a picture that she and Anya made six months ago, of their delusion flat they would distribute together. They cut out pictures of velvet sofas and crimson fridges. But now Arianna had a swelling in her throat. Not even the honey and lemon her mother had given to her helped.


Brianna ate the meatballs unhurriedly, absorbed on the consistency. She told her mum they were better than last times but her mum just coughed and took another dollop of yoghurt. Brianna hopped off the fur stall by the kitchen island as her mum unfurnished up her and her brother’s plates. Suddenly thunder bellowed as she walked up the staircase and the house cat squealed before jumping down the stairs to conceal as if it were a bomb forewarning. Brianna didn’t giggle like usual. This would be a normal Saturday custom but it wasn’t. She crept into the study so she could be away from her mum when she heard sniggering. She gradually opened the door. Was it her brother’s girlfriend? Did he yet have a girlfriend? He was such a weed anyways. But it was... ANYA! Brianna squealed and ran over to embrace her but two seconds later she found her head trapped between the workplace chair and desk with it hammering intolerably. Her leg had a long graze going up the calf and as her mum hurried in she realised she must have made a really deafening wallop. Her mother screamed and asked if she had tried to perpetrate suicide. Brianna shook her head but her mum started telling her how she was going to reserve a therapist. There was no indication of Anya after all... she really was gone.


Victoria didn’t know what to do. She was sitting on Van’s ashen, fleece settee watching a dinosaur adventure movie that she’d never heard of. Vanessa had already got through the sixteenth chapter with Victoria but Toria (as she was nicknamed) wasn’t paying notice. Vanessa was also swindling with her cerise alliance wristlet from Toria but she was still occupied – Toria could tell by the way her eyes widened if they said anything even if it wasn’t a punch line. Vanessa’s mother was out, her father was working in India and her siblings were at friend’s houses. They had a plate of cookies and two glasses of Nesquik milk in front of them from Van’s mum to make them feel superior but it didn’t help out. Vanessa huffed and switched off the TV. Her face looked fractious as her black fringe converted over her eyes. ‘It’s dull watching this. We’re too bummed about Anya to care about anything else anyway.’ Vanessa sighed. Vanessa was never in their gang but they were all sociable with her except Van liked to arise up to people – that’s probably why Anya found her way to avoid her out of the cluster. Vanessa still had lots of friends – just nobody they knew too well. Toria grinned for the first time in a stretched time.




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