She will be loved

Mark was the man of Molly's dreams. After he'd passed away,Molly tried to recreate the memory's shared with Mark,through other boys. Fed up of being screwed over by all the other boys,Molly decides to give in. But can teenage heartthrob , Harry Styles change her mind?


3. Who were you?

Harry's POV:

"Harry? Harry!" Some fan called,trying to get my attention. 

"Oh! Sorry!" I said,jumping back. 

I couldn't stop thinking about that girl,whoever she was. Just then, I heard a high pitched scream,behind the girls that had crowded my table,I stood up and everywhere fell silent and turned around to watch as security were holding two girls,with there arms behind there backs and taking them out of the shop. One of the girls was the girl I caught eyes with,she was beautiful,but there was something about her obvious blue eyes that made me stare. I watched as tears as laughter filled her eyes, she was laughing so loudly as was her friend,she had a really nice smile,the one that would make you smile. " I just wanted a book!" She screamed out,just managing to get the words out,through laughing so much. As the security took her out of the shop her and her friend ran through lakeside laughing,the girl turned around and smiled at me,then faced back to her friend and started running again. "Some things fan's do to meet us,eh?" Louis said,with a smile on his face. I smiled back at him,but deep down, I knew she wasn't trying to meet us at all. I signed the girls card and returned it too her and off she went,that's how the day went on. 

Molly's POV:

I collapsed on the floor in a heap of laughter,so much so that Maddie had to pull me back up. Once we had finished laughing so much and had calmed down,we decided to go get a hot chocolate. We walked in to Starbucks,Maddie ordered the drinks and I went to find a table. I found one in the corner and sat down. I kept thinking about that boy,whoever he was. I decided it wouldn't matter,because I'd never see him again anyway and plus,he can get all the girls he want's,why on earth would he chose me? I was thinking to myself,when Maddie came over and joined me,she put both hot chocolates down and looked at me. "thank-you" I said taking mine off the tray. I took a sip off mine and managed to get a cream moustache just above my mouth. Maddie look at me like I was off my head. I done a sarcastic smile towards her (showing no teeth) and wiped the moustache away. "So,who was that guy you were staring at before I pulled you away?" 

"No-one" I said,shaking my head.

"Rightttt sureeee no-oneeeee" She said,repeating my words. "I thought you were done with boys for now anyway?" 

"Yep,I don't care if the fittest boy on the planet bumps into me,he won't be Mark,So no point trying." I gulped down the last bit of hot chocolate,as did Maddie, we left Starbucks and had a look in few more shops,however we soon called it a day headed for HMV to get the car. 


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