She will be loved

Mark was the man of Molly's dreams. After he'd passed away,Molly tried to recreate the memory's shared with Mark,through other boys. Fed up of being screwed over by all the other boys,Molly decides to give in. But can teenage heartthrob , Harry Styles change her mind?


5. One New Message

Molly POV:

I started up my laptop and logged onto Facebook. I hated Facebook. Why I still used it I couldn't get to grips with,I watched as the harsh comments filled my screen to innocent girls, I shook my head in disgust,I thought to myself for a while and wondered why it wasn't happening to me? I would never want it to,but with the amount of boyfriends I'd had, shouldn't I expect it? I scrolled down my news feed and watched a few funny videos that had been posted. It got to around 10:00 and I watched as my mum heaved herself off the sofa and walked to her room,which was downstairs. "Goodnight,don't leave it to late!" She said with a warm smile. I waved to her and returned the smile. As she left the room,I decided to go bed myself,I was tired and warn out anyway. Just as I was logging out of Facebook, I saw a '1' appear by the friend request box. 'A friend request? I never get a friend request!' I thought to myself,so I had to check it out. 

'Unknown has invited you to be friends'  It read. They added a message too,so I decided to check it out. 

'If I add you,you know me,I'm no phoney' I laughed to myself as I realised whoever it was meant for it to rhyme.

I had nothing to loose,so I clicked accept. Almost as soon as I had clicked it,I received a new message. 

'Hello,are you the girl I bumped into today?' I knew who it was straight away from that message. Harry.

'I believe so,if this is Harry, If not I'm not sure. Why haven't you put your real name anyway?'

'Glad I'm speaking to the right person. Too many friend requests,this way I can just talk to the people I want to' He replied.

'Well its a shame, I don't want to talk to you!' I put,typing fast. 

'I'm not sure what I've done,why don't you like me?' 

'It's nothing to do with you,promise..just previous experiences.' I explained,feeling sorry for him as I could see he was trying hard. 'I don't want anything to do with boy's,for now,to many mistakes'

'That's a shame,at-least meet me for a coffee,please?' He replied,with many smiley faces.

'And how do I know you are,who you say you are?' I had a point,I couldn't just meet someone called 'Unknown' without being curious. Just then I received a video call,from unknown. I blocked the camera with my finger, as I did a familiar,tall boy,with brown curls,popped up onto the screen,smiling and waving. 

'Okay,fine. I'll meet you at Starbucks.'

'No,can't,too recognisable,come to my place'  He explained and I could see where he was coming from.

'Fine,message me about everything tomorrow. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight Harry' I put and shut my computer down. 

I looked at the time and it was 1:00, I had to sleep. I pushed my laptop into the drawer and ran upstairs,got into my spotty pink pyjama's and fell asleep,thinking. 



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