She will be loved

Mark was the man of Molly's dreams. After he'd passed away,Molly tried to recreate the memory's shared with Mark,through other boys. Fed up of being screwed over by all the other boys,Molly decides to give in. But can teenage heartthrob , Harry Styles change her mind?


6. Not giving in.

Harry's POV:

'Goodbye' I put,but I knew she'd already shut the computer down and wouldn't see it. I wondered what it was that had made her give up on boy's,but right now I couldn't see me ever finding out. 'too many mistakes...' I wondered what she meant by that too,I just knew I had to change her mind. "Harry? Why are you still up! Its 1:00!" Louis said,entering the living room,in which I was sat,with my laptop on my lap,staring at the screen. I returned back to focus and looked at louis. 

"I could say the same to you!" I said,nodding my head towards him. 

"Yes well,I asked first,I can tell there's something going on,in your little harry world" He laughed,prodding his fingers into my hair. 

"That girl." I admitted. "I facebooked her,she's coming here tomorrow" 

"Well that's good!" Louis said patting my leg.

"Yes,but I'm getting my hopes up,she doesn't want anything more to do with boys,for now" I explained. 

"Not to worry young chap,I'm sure you'll change her mind!" He said,as he got up and left the room. However for some reason,I wasn't so sure. I trailed upstairs and got into bed,I laid there for a while thinking about her,but I soon drifted off. 

Molly's POV:

I woke up at around 10:00 and went downstairs. Mum was up and had made toast. She'd cut them into little triangles,as she did. I grabbed mine and poured myself some orange juice and walked into the living room,where Mum was sat,with her feet rested up comfortably on the sofa, the sofa was quite big,so I put my food and drink down and laid next to her. "Hello" She said,smiling. She put her hand around my waist and gave me a hug.  I loved my Mum,she was always so lovely. "Hey," I said smiling at her. She stroked my hair and asked me my plans for today. "I'm going out for a coffee." I explained. We talked for about an hour and then I moved onto the armchair and got out the laptop. I drank the last bit of my orange juice and signed into facebook and read my messages. I had the details of where to meet Harry and what time. I was meeting him at 12,at his apartment. Seeing as it was 11:00 now, I needed to get dressed. I went back upstairs to my room,I wasn't bothering too much with how I looked,as I didn't want anything to do with any more boys,but I decided I needed to look half decent,after all he was a celebrity. I found a pink Ralph Lauren top and the shorts I had on yesterday, I found a black belt and put that on. I decided to do something with my hair,but not much. I found a bow in my draw and took two sections of my hair to the back and placed the bow tightly in. It went well with my blonde hair. I blended in some pink blusher and applied a mystic green eyeshadow slightly on my eye lids. I added a little bit of mascara,which if I did say so myself,made a lot of difference. I went downstairs and asked my mum for a lift. She hesitated at first,but gave in. As we got to the top of the road,she stopped the car. "I'll watch you walk down..A bit of exercise will do you good!" She said,smiling at the little joke she'd made. 

"HAHAHAHAHA" I said,being over the top sarcastic.  

"Bye" She said,pointing at her cheek for a kiss. 

I gave it to her and smiled as she turned around and drove off. I could see Harry's house from where I was standing,which was quite a distance away,but from all the others,the cream coating which made the house,stood out. 

Harry's POV:

I sat nervously waiting for her to arrive,I don't know why,I was never nervous,even before we went on stage,I was fine,but there was something about the way she was and I guess what she said,that made me want to impress her,which made me nervous. I saw a figure move behind the curtains and I quickly ran downstairs,I stuck the kettle on and waited for the door to ring. I heard the buzz of the doorbell and I looked myself up and down in the mirror that stood proudly propped against the staircase. 'Looking Goood' I thought to myself. I opened the door and there she stood. She looked beautiful. Her crystal blue stared into my plain hazel eyes as she said hello. She had a perfect figure and her legs were very tanned. Some of her hair was clipped back,which was perfect,but she wasn't as perfect as some of the girls I could get,I thought. I immediately regretted thinking that and felt really rude,even though she couldn't hear my thoughts. I hoped. I coughed slightly and scratched the back of my head nervously. There was something about her,the fact I knew she didn't want me,made me want her all the more. "Come in!" I said with a smile on my face and ushered her through the door. 



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