She will be loved

Mark was the man of Molly's dreams. After he'd passed away,Molly tried to recreate the memory's shared with Mark,through other boys. Fed up of being screwed over by all the other boys,Molly decides to give in. But can teenage heartthrob , Harry Styles change her mind?


16. Day Out.

Molly's POV:

I woke up screaming. Harry rested a strong hand against my back and pulled me close to him,but I pulled away from him and went and stood by the window. I still can't quite figure out why I was screaming,but I think it was just a bad dream. It was a beautiful day,but I had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen today. Harry had propped himself up on the bed and was watching me. I turned around and fell onto the bed, I craned my neck to look at him,he gave me a big grin. 

"Let's go out somewhere tonight!" 

"Like where?" 

"There's some party tonight,all the boy's are going to and It means I have to go to that too,so I wondered if you wanted to go with me?" He asked. 

"I don't have anything to wear and I'm really-"

Harry leaped up from the bed. 

"Well the party doesn't start till 8 silly! We can go shopping this morning and perhaps go to the cinema later?"

I nodded at him.  

I climbed out of bed,again and led Harry downstairs. My mum was downstairs asleep,with her head rested against the breakfast table. I pushed her shoulder gently,however she didn't move.

"Help me carry her upstairs,Harry,she's fast asleep!" 

Harry nodded and took her arms,I took her legs and laughing we took her upstairs to bed. I tucked her in and left her be quietly. 

I led Harry into the kitchen and showed him the range of breakfast on offer,he laughed at the way I presented it and pulled one out of the cupboard. He started to get bowls out of the cupboard,but I snatched the bowl off him and shook my head. He smirked. "Let me at least make the tea then?" 

"Okay,cups are in the top cupboard,and the rest is just there!" I pointed towards a box next to the kettle,he nodded and started to make the tea. I put on the radio and turned the music up loud. I started singing along to a few of the songs and bopping my head along in time and Harry was laughing at me. I punched his arm,slightly,but he over exaggerated and fell to the floor in pain. I fell about laughing and he grabbed my foot and pulled me down with him. Harry pulled himself up and tutted at me,on the floor. I shook my head and pulled myself up and continued making the breakfast. I pour out two bowls of breakfast and add milk and place them on the breakfast bar,I take a seat and soon,Harry comes over with the drinks. 

"Thank you" I said,laughing. 

"Any time" Harry smiled and took a seat on the breakfast bar next to me as well. He took my hand and squeezed it slightly and I smiled at him.


I'm sorry,I haven't been able to update recently and I'm sorry if the chapters have been getting a little bit boring,I'm trying my best to think of new idea's and am trying to update more. Love you all,keep liking+commenting please! 

Meg x


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