She will be loved

Mark was the man of Molly's dreams. After he'd passed away,Molly tried to recreate the memory's shared with Mark,through other boys. Fed up of being screwed over by all the other boys,Molly decides to give in. But can teenage heartthrob , Harry Styles change her mind?


9. Back at school.

Molly POV:

*Beep beep* *beep beep* I let out a moan and burrowed my head further into my soft pillow.  It was Monday which meant me and Maddie would be back at school and Maddie would be working after. "RISE AND SHINE!" My mums cheery voice filled my room as she entered and drew back the curtains. The strong light made me clasp my eyes shut quickly and blink lots before finally reopening them. "Get up now or your going to be late!" Mum told me,she picked a pair of demin jeans and a random top out of the cupboard and laid them on my bed. I heaved myself out of bed and threw them on. I repeated the style of my hair from the other day,with the little pink bow. I found my books buried on my desk,I shoved them into my packed school bag and threw it over my shoulder,I didn't bother to much with my face, a little bit of foundation and concelear was fine. I stuffed my toes into an old pair of converse,grabbed an apple on the way out of the kitchen and left for school.

I found Maddie waiting at the gates for me,as usual. Her car stood out from the others in the car park,which was quite empty. Maddie's hair was brushed back and she wore a little blue skirt,which made her over tanned legs stand out. "Hello!" She said,giving me a warm hug. I returned the hug and waved. "How was your date" I said,remembering that she was meeting up with a friend. "Um,says you! I believe you were out with a boy on Sunday?" She joked. 

"Wait how did you know?" I said,suddenly panicking that everyone might know  and that it might be all round the school. 

Maddie noticed my panic through my voice. "no,no don't worry silly,I went round after meeting up with that kid,and your mum said you were out with a BOY" She said rising her eyebrows on boy. 

"In that case,I guess there's so much I need to tell you" I said laughing,we walked through the school gates together while I explained my weekend. 

We walked into science as I finished the last bit of my story. "Wow" Maddie said,her mouth making the shape of a 'O'. I took my seat in Science and I overheard Nicola,Kate and Ashley's conversation. These girls were the 'most popular' girls in school. I didn't like them and they didn't like me,but they liked Maddie. 

"One direction on Saturday!" Screamed Nicola,letting out a loud yelp. She was the leader of the group,whatever she said,goes. 

"Oh my god ah" Said Ashley,she was  Nicola's bestfriend and always tried to keep on her side. 

"You girls are so lucky,wish I was going like wow!" And lastly Kate was the annoying wannabe,that in reality,Nicola and Ashley found annoying and didn't really like,but they kept on her side never the less,because her dad was rich. Horrible-I know. 

"Harry is so hot though,like OMG!" I felt my cheeks sting red as Ashley said his name. "He's perfect,I can't wait till he marrys me!" I snorted a little,not believing these girls were actually 17. 

"Something funny?" Nicola hissed,the harshness in her tone making me shrink in my chair. 

"Not at all.Do continue your conversation,it's most entertaining."

"Don't worry we will." Ashley said,involving herself in the conversation and then turning there heads back. 

'Good' I muttered under my breath,they heard and swung there heads around,but luckily the teacher entered the classroom at the point and they cleared off. 

-2nd Lesson-

"You might aswell get up. New seating plan" 

We all grunted and sighed,after spent maths in 6th form with Maddie all the time,I couldn't be more upset. I looked across at Maddie,who stuck her bottom lip out,revealing a sad expression. I'd hate to be put next to Nicola or Ashley,but for some reason I couldn't be less bothered if it was Kate,deep down she was a nice girl. "Maddie-Sit next to Nicola please" Sir announced,A surge of jealousy striked me. Nicola let out a little cheer and Maddie raised her eyebrows towards me. Some more names were called out until it was finally my turn "Molly take a seat at the front next to-" I prayed for a decent person to sit next to,I looked around at who was left. "Pair with,Jake,please" I did a silent dance in my head. Jake was gorgeous and he always had a shine in his eye. I used to mega fancy him,but I guess now not so much. He flashed a smile at me and I fell into my new seat,looking up into his golden brown eyes and smiling back. I didn't fancy him,but he was 100% gorgeous, halfway through the lesson and having a chat and a slight laugh with him,I realised he was nothing like Harry,Harry could make me laugh and was gorgeous and seemed nice enough,but Jake could hardly hold a conversation,which got me thinking.



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