Sebastian Kidnapped?

Sebastian michaelis has been kidnapped by Grell Sutcliff what will he do to escape from Grell's house find out in sebastian kidnapped?


1. Where am i?

It was 3:00 am, Sebastian was just waking up with a head ache that was killing him. He was tied up and looked around with his glowing red eyes.

"Where am i? and why am i here" he whispered to himself as he slowly sat up and sighed sadly. The room Sebastian was in was pitch black except for the computer in the middle of the floor . As he rolled out of the bed n fell on the floor he looked at the screen and saw that the screen was infested with nothing but pictures of him. At the sight of all these pictures Sebastian jumped slightly.

"Who ever kidnapped me from my master will pay...." He struggled at first but then broke free and got up. He looked around more, he was looking for a lattern or something. He flicked the light switch on and saw more pictures of himself in more poses. He pondered for just a minute then he figured it out.

"Grell Sutcliff, that reckless shinigami kidnapped me and took pictures of me while i was sleeping. But why would he just take me from my work, and when did he actually get the chance to kidnap me honestly' Sebastian walked back and forth as he looked at the vast array of pictures. He sighed with anger, frustration, and a bit of grief for he did not like the position he was in at the moment. Sebastian then attempted to open the door and failed sadly.

"Looks like i'm not leaving just yet, where could he have the key?" Sebastian started looked around but he was cut short by the sound of grell running into the house.

"OHHHH SEEEEBBBASSSTTIIANNN!' Grell started running to the room with glee. Sebastian paniced and hid in Grell's closet and stood there dead silent.

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