Sebastian Kidnapped?

Sebastian michaelis has been kidnapped by Grell Sutcliff what will he do to escape from Grell's house find out in sebastian kidnapped?


2. Welcome Grell Sutcliff

Sebastian was hiding in the closet holding his breath, with his eyes closed,

"Please don't let him find me! Please! I don't want to be forced to take more pictures!" Sebastian whispered under his breath. Grell slammed the door open and began looking around for Sebastian. "Oh sweet Sebastian, where are you?....I just want more pictures of you!" Grell  giggled and stabbed a knife in to the closet door. "Come on Sebastian, I love you so very much why must you deny me?" Grell sighed and sat on the bed. Sebastian was watching Grell through the crack in the closet door, and saw him start to cry. Sebastian started to feel bad for the poor shinigami that was crying.           "Now, now don't cry" Sebastian said as he came out of the closet. Grell looked up at him and frowned sadly. "Sebastian, I love you, all I want is to hear you say that to me, please?" Grell pleaded to sebastian sadly.  "Fine, Grell I love you...Now would you please let me leave your home?" Sebastian said sweetly. Grell started giggling, "Oh Sebastian, I'm never letting you go I'm gunna love you forever and ever". Sebastian's eyes widened and he nodded. "Fine don't let me leave you bitch...I'll just bother you every day when you get back from reaping souls" Sebastian smirked and his eyes shown bright pink. "Fine Sebby you can bother me all you want....As long as you be my butler for a whole week!" Grell grinned slyly. "Fine Grell.." Both shook hands and smiled politley at eachother

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