Sebastian Kidnapped?

Sebastian michaelis has been kidnapped by Grell Sutcliff what will he do to escape from Grell's house find out in sebastian kidnapped?


5. Tuesday

 This was the day that Sebastian had off from being Grell's butler and headed into town to see what he could do......Nothing except go to a local pub and get drunk off his ass. So, dear old Sebastian set off to find other things to do; when he noticed a dainty little store with yarn and needles to knit. he decided he would take up the craft of well knitting that would be something to keep him busy when there was no work to do around Grell's house.

When Sebastian entered the store the clerk looked at him with a funny look. "Um how may I help you sir?" The woman said in sort of hush tone. Sebastian looked at her gracefully with a sly smile "I will be purchasing some knitting needles and yarn for myself you can see I am a man with too much time on his hands so I need something other then beautiful women like yourself to pass the time" the woman blushed at Sebastian's words but  nodded a bit. "So um what color yarn would you like kind sir?" The woman asked sweetly; Sebastian calmly shrugged not knowing what to say for the color didn't matter to him "Whatever color you think would look best on me, my dear kitten.." Sebastian smirked slightly as the girl nodded in response to Sebastian's words calmly. The girl went to the back to grab the color that she thought most fitted Sebastian's skin tone and character. She came out with a slightly dark pink to enhance Sebastian's brownish red eye color and the darkness of the pink made Sebastian seem as if he were a mysterious but beautiful man. Sebastian smiled at the color and nodded to agree with woman.

"So what will you be knitting?" The woman looked at Sebastian as she looked towards the knitting needles and looked back at him silently. Sebastian thought for a moment then spoke "I will be making a lovely sweater for myself....I would prefer that the sweater be loose for my skin is delicate like a rose petal" He smiled a bit as she headed to get the needles for him. Sebastian then paid for the items and started heading back to Grell's house with some what of a speed walk.

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