Sebastian Kidnapped?

Sebastian michaelis has been kidnapped by Grell Sutcliff what will he do to escape from Grell's house find out in sebastian kidnapped?


3. Sunday

Sebastian was doing Grell's laundry contently. Sebastian was in his normal clothes; he refused to wear the cocktail dress that Grell wanted him to wear. Grell was off reaping souls for the day. " So this is my do all his chores.. because he's too lazy " Sebastian frowned as he started folding grell's shirts swiftly. After Sebastian finished he put Grell's clothes away. Sebastian noticed a note on Grell's dresser, he picked it up and began to read it " Dear Ciel, I am very sorry to inform you but I shall not be comming back until next week on sunday Sincerely, Sebastian Michaelis " Sebastian raised an eye brow and began to wonder why Grell had this letter to his true master. Sebastian shrugged it off and continued doing the daily chores that he was ordered to do, such as cleaning Grell's shoes, and other deeds Sebastian did not enjoy.
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