Sebastian Kidnapped?

Sebastian michaelis has been kidnapped by Grell Sutcliff what will he do to escape from Grell's house find out in sebastian kidnapped?


4. Monday

Sebastian yet again was alone in Grell's house although he felt as if he was being watched by some mysterious thing that he couldn't figure out what it was.

"What is this feeling that some body is watching me.." Sebastian looked around curiously. He felt a tug on his tail coat and looked down and saw two boys both has white hair and green eyes. "Who are you two?"... Sebastian looked at both of them silently. Both blinked as they looked at Sebastian.

The shorter on replied "I'm Ray...." The older looking one replied "And I'm Jay". Both blinked silently. "Our mommy is Grell and our daddy is Break...from Pandora hearts.." They both smiled a bit and hugged sebastian's leg.

Sebastian frowned a bit and shoved them off. "Sorry children but I have to do the house work while your mother is out..." Sebastian made a serious look as he started to walk off. Both Ray and Jay giggled a bit evilly, and ran past him starting to tear the house apart. Sebastian sprung into action "DON'T YOU DARE!!!" he grabbed them both falling to the floor ever so gracefully. Both looked at Sebastian silently and pouted. Sebastian slowly got back to his feet and put them down.

"Now you two need to behave or I will call your mother!!" Sebastian crossed his arms as he scolded the poor little twins. Both began to tear up slightly and Sebastian felt a sudden string of guilt shoot through his spine. "Look I'm sorry sweetie pies... I honestly am sorry.." He crossed his arms slightly and started to making mac and cheese for the little brats.

They ate happily but they liked playing with Sebastian's tail coat the most. At the end of the day Sebastian rested peacefully wishing he was with his master. He missed Ciel slightly, and taking care of children made him feel worse he was getting anxious for the end of the week.

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