land of ice cream

Blurb: When Megan gets to ice cream land. She never knew that she was being made queen.


1. me

Hi my name is Megan. Megan andsly. I am 10 and in year 6 at beltmant primary. My parents own a fair ground rides and were always moving were it is with an ice cream van. I hated their job.

You must think but you get three ice cream why don’t you love their job. There is one main reason. They get offered to have their fair at loads of different parts of the country. I know you are now think but you can go to loads of different places why don’t you like that. I do love that but it is school that is the problem. My parents get to keep their fair somewhere for more than three months. The next place they move is always far away.

I never have had a real friend. I have one friend named Alice. Her parents travel a lot as they are circus clowns.  They work at my mum and dads fair. I hate it so much that we have even talked to the owner of the land to let them stay longer. They always say no because it is going to be used for something else. I chat to someone online from the school I went to at the end of year 5. We see each other in the half terms and holidays and soon she is moving to my new neighbourhood. So really I only have two friends.

My parent’s job has made me hate ice cream because I used to have it every day. I now never eat it.

I remember a story of one day when we moved to a new town. A weird day that I will never ever forget and here is my story.

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