My Partner for the Photography Project

Lauren has always been the girl sitting at the back of the class, and she likes it that way. Every year, her professor assigns the photography project, where you must room mate with your partner, and document their life in pictures, so it seems bad enough for her. But what will happen when her partner is Harry Styles?


4. We're Not Supposed to Touch It


Even after last night, I know that Lauren still isn't happy about having me for partner. But we have no choice, and today is the day we start the project.
Last night I had gotten the camera out of Lauren's room, and learned how to work it. It was a big black one, and it looked easy to work, but it wasn't.
I snuck into the kitchen where Lauren was eating a bowl of Cheerios.
" SNAP!!"
Lauren looked up, confused, still half asleep.
" What are you doing?!" she yelled, rubbing her eyes.
" the project starts today! Wanted to get an early start!" I smiled, and grabbed the carton of cereal.
" So! You can at least wait till I have makeup on."
" whatever! You look the same."
Okay, that could be perceived two ways. Hopefully she gets it the way I intended.
" Hello! I spend a lot of time on it every morning! And I look way different!"
" I was just trying to make you feel better I brought the camera back up and snapped another photo.
" day 1," I said mock tone, " and Lauren is already in a bad mood."
She grabbed the camera out of my hands, and clicked a picture of me with a surprised face.
" ha! Got it!"
She looked back at the picture and laughed.
" you look so confused!"
I took the camera back, and made a face at the picture she took. I looked really wierd.
I deleted it, an handed it back to her.
" Hey! You got one of me, I get one of you!"
" Mm hmm. So what's the plan today?" I asked.
" what do you mean plan?" she asked, confused.
" you know, we're supposed to go to a different attraction every day."
" what?! That is not a rule."
" I swear it is!"
" it's so not!"
" we'll whether it is or not, what else do you plan on doing with me for the week?"
She laughed and I realized what I said.
" not like that!! Wait, Ms Wallflower over here has a dirty mind? I really am learning something new every day!"
she punched my arm.
" whatever! What do you want to do?"
" I don't know, what do you want?"
" what about the zoo? Then I can take pictures of you with your own kind."
I shot her a disgusted look.
" I'd love too, if you don't mind me standing in on your family reunion in the ape section."
" very funny. So original. Get ready, we'll leave in an hour. I'll drive."

We were driving in the car, well technically i was driving, I insisted.   Were about 20 minute away from the zoo, when a song came on the radio.
" One way or another, I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha..."
" oh I love this song! I guess its a cover!" I continued to sing along, and Harry started to laugh.
" what's wrong? Don't lie, these guys are really great singers!!"
He laughed harder, and brought out the camera to take a picture of me singing.
" that's my band one direction..." he said between breaths.
" what?!" I paused and listened to the voices.
" yeah that's me right now the person singing."
Wow. He's really good.
" hey, you can actually do something right!"
" You're saying I'm a good singer? Oh stop it you." he said winking at me. What is up with him and winking?
" well your okay..." I laughed.
Suddenly, a car came out of nowhere and swerved in front of me, stopping right in front of me.
I slammed as hard as I could on the brakes, but it wasn't going to make a difference. Harry's hands came from my side, and grabbed the wheel swerving away from the car.
I could literally feel my heart vibrating in my chest.
I could've killed us.
I pulled over, and put my head on the wheel.
Harry seemed to notice my distress.
" Get out, I'll drive."
I opened the door and went to the other side, passing Harry on the way.
Once we were in and buckled up, he put his hands on the wheel, and looked over at me.
" Hey, it's okay, alright? Nothing happened. That was a crazy driver. Its not going to happen again. Everything's okay now. Are you alright? Are you hurt?"
I shook my head, and took a deep breath in. I gave him a slight smile. He was being really nice.
I can't help but remember how large and comforting Harry's hands were on that wheel. He had put them over mine to guide me, probably not on purpose, but because he panicked.
" I'm fine. Thanks Harry."
He passed me the camera,
" your turn." he smiled, and started the car. " let's get going!"

The camera flashed and Harry got another picture of me with the giraffe, who's head was hangin over the gate, eating the leaves I was feeding it.
"Pet it!" Harry told me.
" No! I don't think were allowed!"
He came over, and passed me the camera.
He carefully pet the giraffes neck while watches through the lens.
" you are so not allowed to do that!" SNAP!
" so? Come here, it's so soft!"
" no! What if it's sick or something?!"
" just come here!"
I slowly inched towards the animal, and Harry took my hand, and put it on the giraffes neck.
" See?!" he said, letting go of my hand.
" HEY YOU TWO!! HANDS OFF THE ANIMALS!!" a large man wearing a security shirt, running towards us from the distance.
" oh my god! Harry!!!!" I screamed as soon as our hands flew off the giraffe.
He grabbed my hand and we sprinted away, with the man chasing behind us.
" Come on!!" he yelled, still leading us.
" I'm trying!" I was still sprinting beside him, because of his hand gripped tightly around mine.
He suddenly stopped, turned around and snapped a picture of the running security guard before we got to the entrance of the bat cave, which was technically a plastic cave, which was dark inside, with bats in glass cages.
We continued to run through the cave, and we stopped when we reached a nook in the cave. It was almost like a wall, but Harry and I both could fit behind it without being seen.
" What were you thinking?!" I shouted-whispered.
Harry put his hand over my mouth, and I noticed that the guard had entered the bat cave.
I held my breath and pressed against Harry, trying to hide.
The guard looked past walls, but passed by us. We didn't move till the guard ha left the cave.
I let out a sigh of relief, and stepped away from Harry, who I realize I had completely squished up against the wall.
He smirked at me, and stepped out.
" Oh thanks, I was wondering when you'd let me breathe."
I smacked his arm.
" It's your fault you touched the giraffe!"
" you touched it too!!"
" you put my hand there!!"
Suddenly, I heard a loud screech, and something flew over my head, and I ran to Harry, putting my face in my hands.
" are you okay?" he asked, taken by surprise.
" what was that??"
" um, a bat. Were in the bat cave remember?"
I stepped back.
" right. Sorry. "
He laughed.
" youre not as tough as you come out as, Lauren!"
I rolled my eyes. " whatever."

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