My Partner for the Photography Project

Lauren has always been the girl sitting at the back of the class, and she likes it that way. Every year, her professor assigns the photography project, where you must room mate with your partner, and document their life in pictures, so it seems bad enough for her. But what will happen when her partner is Harry Styles?


8. Titanic Confessions


Lauren and I were sitting on The couch, the tv was playing Titanic, and I was enjoying this. I always pretended like I hated romantic movies, but in reality I love them.
Oh my god. This is my favourite line.
Don't cry. Don't cry.
" are you okay?" Lauren was looking at me.  " your eyes are red."
" yeah im fine. Haha." I forced a nervous laugh.
" oh my god! Your crying!!"
" what?! No I'm not!!"
" you are!! Your eyes are watering!! You like this movie!!"
" I do not!"
" you totally do!"
" fine! But if you tell anyone, I'll kill you!"
She just laughed.
" okay cupcake."
" cupcake!"
" I saw you tear up too so don't be fooling me!!"
" cupcake."
" ugh, whatever!" I said, pushing my curls away from my face.
We turned back to the movie.
Damn her. I missed my favourite part.
" what? Would being a cupcake ruin your bas boy reputation?"
" I'm not a bad boy." I said plainly.
" what? Your not?" she said acting all surprised.  " I don't believe you."
" no, it's true."
" I bet you go to parties and hook up with a bunch of girls after and-"
" Stop it!!!" I yelled, turning away from her. " just stop. I'm so sick and tired as being portrayed as this ' bad boy' or 'player'. That's not me. Thats not who I am. I don't hook up with girls all the time. In fact, I've only had one girlfriend. And she cheated on me. With my best friend. I wasn't enough for her. I might be with my friends on Friday nights, but I'm not this crazy person people say I am. They're wrong. So please just stop. I know I'm sometimes a bit of a jerk, but I'm just trying to protect myself."
Lauren was quiet for a minute.
" I'm sorry." she said. " You're right. That's not you. I won't say that again. Can we just start over?"
I grinned.
" yeah."


I slowly opened my eyes. I was on the couch. I guess I had fallen asleep during Titanic. Which for me is a rare occurrence. The surfing probably got to me.
I started to get up to wake Lauren, when I noticed she was asleep on the couch too. Her head was rested on my shoulder, and I was surprised I hadn't noticed her there, since it seemed her whole body weight was on me. She must be really lightweight.
I settled back into the couch quietly and slowly, hoping not to wake Lauren.
As I rested my head on the side of the couch, I watched her. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was deep. She looked peaceful, and beautiful. I couldn't help but notice she looked so beautiful, even when she was in her most vulnerable state.
Without thinking, I leaned over and planted my lips on her forehead.
She stopped breathing for a minute, and I froze, but eventually she started breathing normally again.
And enjoying her body against mine, I slowly fell back into a deep sleep.


I wasn't asleep.
I know I looked like it, but I wasn't.
I didn't want him to move. I wanted to stay like that forever. That's all I wanted.
I Didn't expect him to kiss me.
To feel his soft, pink lips against my forehead.
I didn't expect to realize how much I craved his touch.
I didn't expect to realize that I was falling for Harry Styles.

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