My Partner for the Photography Project

Lauren has always been the girl sitting at the back of the class, and she likes it that way. Every year, her professor assigns the photography project, where you must room mate with your partner, and document their life in pictures, so it seems bad enough for her. But what will happen when her partner is Harry Styles?


2. This Can't Be Happening



" Alright settle down everyone." Wikes boomed over the chattering class. " I'm assigning a project. It's the annual photography project!"
Me and a couple of others groaned.  Everyone knew about this project.
" Now I know this might be not your kind of thing, but it's necessary to pass this! This is the most important project you will do this year, so you must take this seriously. It is important in the journalism industry! For this project, you will be staying in the school's residency with your partner for a full week. You will receive one canon camera a pair, and you must document each others lives in pictures."
Oh great. I get to have my picture taken 10284 times a day. Just fantastic.
" I will be picking your partners right now! " he glanced down at his clipboard.
"So, Brianne Gigger you are with Hannah Hillard, Judy Lightfoot, you are with Simon Refter..." he continued until he got to my name.
" Lauren Tield you are with Harry Styles."
This is not happening right now.
" Aha! Lauren is your name!" Harry said pulling a chair beside my desk and sitting on it.
" don't get excited. I'm getting the professor to switch me as soon as the class is over."
" but he said no takesies backsies!"
" so?"
" awh, come on Lauren. Don't you want to stay in residence with me for a week."
" you know what, that's a good point! I should get him to switch now!"
I jumped up, and started to walk towards The Professor, when he announced my fate to another student, begging to be switched.
" No! The partners will stay just as they are. Sorry, Hannah. No matter how much you claim Brianne is 'totally insane' you must stay with her."
I could practically feel Harry's smirk radiating on my skin.
I turned around to face him.
" Fine. But I'm not happy about it."
" don't worry, you will be." he said, winking.

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