My Partner for the Photography Project

Lauren has always been the girl sitting at the back of the class, and she likes it that way. Every year, her professor assigns the photography project, where you must room mate with your partner, and document their life in pictures, so it seems bad enough for her. But what will happen when her partner is Harry Styles?


3. Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Because of the project, I was forced to stay in residence, which means I had to pack my things and move in there. Thankfully, there was already furniture there.
When you first walked in, there was a small kitchen, with a dining table, and to the right was the bathroom. When you kept walking, there were two doors. One lead to what would be Harry's room, and one that would be my room. I picked the room on the left.
I had packed my clothes, makeup, and other stuff I would need for a week, including the camera the professor had given us, and was unpacking all of my things in the new room, when Harry walked into my room.
" Hey! Getting settled are we?" he said, leaning on the door posts.
 I rolled my eyes.
" Yes. When do we start the project? Cameras over there."
" I don't know, who cares? He slipped out of the room to survey the fridge.
I dropped the shirt I was Folding into the drawer, and stomped after him.
" Look! I don't know why you don't care about this project, but I do. It's a lot of my mark, and most of us aren't gazillionaires like you are, and we can't afford to fail this project. So you either do your job, and do it right, or you get an ass kicking from me. Got it?" I said angrily.
Harry was looking at me, astonished in a way that was making me look uncomfortable.
" what?" I asked, switching my weight back and forth.
" I've never heard you say that many sentences in a row before.." he paused. "  and wow, girl you got some pepper in it!"
I grabbed my bag from the dining room table and opened the front door.
I paused and turned back to Harry.
" You know what, I was hoping you wouldn't be as much as an asshole like you seemed, but I guess I was wrong."
Then I slammed the door behind me, leaving Harry alone in the apartment.


Okay I admit it. When Lauren left me standing in the kitchen, I did feel really bad. I guess I was being an asshole. I guess she really didn't deserve it.

I decided that I would grab some chinese food for some kind of peace offering. After all, we would be spending a week together. Professor Wike had announced that while the project was going on, classes would be canceled, so we had more time to spend with our partners.

I walked out the door of the apartment and down the elevator. Where was the nearest chinese place again? Right. Fead street, just around the corner.
As the cold early fall breeze rustled through my curly hair, I buttoned up the jacket I was wearing, and stuck my hands in My pockets. I then noticed a couple, sitting on a bench, deep in conversation. I sighed. This reminded me of Aimee. Aimee had been my girlfriend for a year, before I discovered she was cheating on me with Niall. Niall and I had both kept our relationship with Aimee under wraps, and we didn't know we were dating the same person. Of course, Niall would never cheat on a girl with me, and he was heartbroken, but not as much as I was. They had been dating for a month, whereas I had been with Aimee for a year. She had met my parents and everything. I found out she was cheating when I walked on her making out with Niall. I remember that feeling I had when I first saw them together. I blamed myself for being so stupid. And while all these girls, including Lauren, thought I was such a player, in reality I was just trying to protect myself from being hurt again. I had never told anyone this, but Aimee was only the second serious girlfriend I have had in my life.

I arrived at the Chinese place, and ordered a mixed menu, because I'm honestly not sure what Lauren likes.
I grabbed the bag of takeout, and started my way back to the apartment. Hopefully Lauren will be back soon.


When I got back, Harry wasn't even here. Typical huh? It's a Friday night. He's probably grinding on some girl at a club.
I was into my third game of online scrabble when I heard the door open and close. I walked out to the kitchen to see who it was. Harry, of course.
" Oh, look who decide to show up!"
" Look, Lauren I'm sorry about what happened. I was acting like an ass, and I don't really want the whole week to go like that. Truce?" he said, holding out a large paper brown bag.
" I took the bag, and looked in it. Chinese food! My favorite.
" Fine. But how did you know I liked Chinese food?"
Harry looked surprised, but answered with confidence.
" Lucky guess?" he grinned, " now where'd you put the cutlery?"

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