My Partner for the Photography Project

Lauren has always been the girl sitting at the back of the class, and she likes it that way. Every year, her professor assigns the photography project, where you must room mate with your partner, and document their life in pictures, so it seems bad enough for her. But what will happen when her partner is Harry Styles?


10. I Trusted You

" This place is HUGE!!" I practically shouted over the hustling crowd.
We were inside the amusement park that Harry had dragged me to, and it was absolutely crazy. People were yelling, and parents runnin after their overly sugared children. To the left was a large garden, leading to the Rollercoasters, then following to the waterslides. On the other side, was the kids parks, and the rides rather then Rollercoasters.
" I know! I didn't expect it to be this packed!" Harry said, examining what looked like a Philadelphian banana stand. Where did that come from?
" really Harry? We're in an amusement park, and you stop to buy bananas?"
The man at the kiosk with a thick accent and round pointy hat frowned at me, and handed Harry a bunch of bananas.
" what?! THey're my favourite food, and this man looked nice.
I looked back at the frowning man.
" yeah. Nice."
I picked up the camera from around my neck, and snapped a picture of Harry with Foreign Kiosk Guy.
" Got it!" I said, handing the camera to Harry, and posing in front of the large garden.
I put both hands out to my sides, as if to say " look where I am!" and smiled.
" done! So what's first ride, today Mrs Tield?"
" Um!" I said, looking around at all the big rides, and small ones. " can we start with Snoopy's Big Adventure?" I asked, pointing to the smallest ride I saw.
" what?! No!!" Harry said, horrified. " I cannot be seen on that!"
" what?! I'm not a huge Roller-coaster fan."
" well today, I'm going to change your mind."
I sighed deeply.
" will you trust me?" he asked, his deep green eyes almost looking through my soul.
I narrowed my eyes and examined his face. Earlier on he had been wearing a beanie with his brown curls, but he had gotten hot and taken it off, resulting in his messily styled hair to look even more tousled as normal, and his eyes kept contact with mine. I couldn't help but have to resist the urge to kiss his soft lips. But I couldn't risk it. He didn't feel about me that way. He wouldn't.
" Fine. But I'm putting all my trust in you!!!"
He put his beanie on my head, covering my eyes, and took my hand, leading me through the crowd. I felt the occasional shove, but Harry lead me well, and made sure no one ran into me. His large hand was completely covering mine. It was in his, not interlocked, and though i wished they were, I'll take what I can get.
" we're here. Just wait okay?" he said to me, not taking off the makeshift blindfold.
" okay."


I know this is totally a horrible thing to do, but really it's what's best for her. I had lead Lauren, blindfolded, to one of the biggest rides in the park. now, I'm not trying to scare her, I just want to help her get over her fear. Plus, of she gets scared she might grab onto me or something.
That's one of my favourite parts of this blindfolding thing. Since she couldn't see, I had held Lauren's hand, and lead her through half the park to get to this ride. Oh how I'd wanted to interlock our fingers, but I felt like she would freak out, thinking it was a couple move. She still wasn't comfortable with me. I don't blame her, considering that she's unknowingly in line for a giant roller coaster  because of me.
The line finally moved along, and we got on the ride, Lauren pulled the beanie up her head so she could see, and her perfect brown loose curls stuck out the bottom so prettily and effortlessly.
Anyway! She couldn't tell what ride she was on since she had never been here before, thank the lord.
The ride started, an as we started to go up the large hill, Lauren saw where we were, and where we were going, and saw the rest of the roller coaster.
She looked at me, horrified.
" No. You did not."
" I'm trying to help! You'll be over your Fear after!!"
" Harry!! How could you do this to me?!?!" she yelled.
" It's for your own good!"
She could barely reply, before the drop came. She shot me the most terrified look I've ever seen, and grabbed my hand, as we fell. She screamed louder then I've ever heard her talk.
We went up and down, and looped once or twice before the ride finally ended.
" wooo! Wasn't that great!" I said, as we stepped off.
I turned to look at Lauren, but there was no one there. I looked around until I saw Lauren's blue shirt sticking out of the crowd.
I called after her, but she didn't turn around.
I started to run, and push through the crowd,
" Lauren!! Come back!!"
I finally caught up with her, and I grabbed her arm.
" don't touch me!!"
" what? Lauren come on!"
" you put me on the scariest ride in the park when you know I hate rides! I trusted you!!!"
" i was just trying to help!"
" I TRUSTED YOU!!" she yelled, causing two what looked like russian tourists to look our way.
" I'm sorry!! Okay!! I didn't mean to scare you!! I was just trying to help!! I want you to have fun!!"
She paused, and scanned my face. Even though there was no point. I'm telling the truth.
" okay. " she paused, about to lead us away, when she turned back to me, and whacked me hard on the arm.
" OWW!!" I yelled, rubbing my throbbing shoulder. " What was that for?!"
" scaring the chiz out of me!!!"
" how do you even punch that hard?!" I noticed a small bruise starting to swell where she'd hit me.
" I have a brother. Oh and by the way, for that ride? Yeah, we're going on Snoopy's  Big Adventure now."
I sighed.
" Fine."



wey hey! sorry i havent updated in a while! i wrote this chapter on my birthday, which was yesterday, see thats how much ily you guys:P HAVE A NICE DAY BAAAAI

-Lauren xx

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