My Partner for the Photography Project

Lauren has always been the girl sitting at the back of the class, and she likes it that way. Every year, her professor assigns the photography project, where you must room mate with your partner, and document their life in pictures, so it seems bad enough for her. But what will happen when her partner is Harry Styles?


7. How About The Beach?


" so whats the plan, Lauren?" I asked her, sitting on the kitchen counter, watching her pull her hair back into a pony tail.
" I don't know, I figured you'd choose today." she said, smoothing the top of her hair.
" oh okay."
" so what do you feel like doing?"
" I don't know, what about something we can do?" I asked, hopping off the counter, and grabbing a bag of crisps from the cupboard.
" well there's a beach nearby. What if we go there?"
" That sounds okay. Let's do that."
" have we got enough film in the camera?" Lauren asked me again, her hear tied up in a neat ponytail.
" Yeah, we're good."
" great." she said, " let's go!"


We arrived at the beach, Harry with his swimming shorts and a white shirt, with ray bans, and me a summer dress, with a tankini underneath.
" This is nice." I said, squinting in the sun. My eyes were so sensitive, and I always forgot to bring my sunglasses to the beach.
" Yeah, it's alright." Harry said, starting to pull his shirt off.
 I forgot about this.
It's okay.
I'm fine.
It's okay.
I grabbed the camera, playing it cool, and jokingly snapped a pic of Harry swinging his shirt around his head.
" Hah!" I yelled, waving the camera around.
" Hey!!" he said, running after me, trying to get the camera.
I ran down the sand, Harry on my toes. I started slowing down, and finally I felt Harry's arms grab me from the back, his arms wrapping around my waist from behind.
I stopped in my tracks, enjoying feeling Harry's skin against mine, when Harry suddenly pulled away.
" uh.. Sorry." he said, stepping away and avoiding my eyes.
I felt a gush of cold on my skin, where Harry had left.
" It's fine." I lied, walking back to the towels and our things, forcing a smile.


That was such a dumb thing to do. Why did I do that? She's not comfortable enough with me yet for that. I was just trying to be Flirty, but she doesn't again. As soon as I touched her she stiffened up immediately. God, I'm such an idiot.
Honesty, I'd rather just pretend it never happened.
" Hey, look over there!!" I said, pointing to a sign that said ' surfboards for rent'.   " feel like surfing?" I asked.


I'd rather just I back to normal, so when Harry offered a chance to go surfing, it sounded awesome, even though surfing isn't exactly my thing.
" Surfing! That sounds cool!" I replied back to him.
" okay!" he took the camera, and snapped a picture of the sign, and walked towards it.
We singed paperwork, and picked out our surfboards and started to walk towards the water.
" Wait!" he called, getting the camera from around his neck ad gesturing for me to pose.
He snapped a picture, and put it on the ground, running to catch up with me.
" so!" I asked, " have you been surfing before?"
" once. With the boys. Have you?"
" no not before. Actually I think I'll be really bad at it."
" don't worry, I'll teach you. On the job!" he said, with a smile.
God how I loved that smile. His eyes literally light up, and his simples stand out more than ever.
Ugh, I cannot afford to think like this.
This is terrible.
I laughed. " thanks. I'll need it. "
We got to where the water was to our mid thighs, then Harry helped me on my board.
" alright! So your just going to start by paddling like this." he showed me with his arms, on his own board, an I repeated it, paddling beside him.
" good. So when a wave comes, your just going to slowly push your hands up, then get on your knees."
He showed me, and I did the same.
" then from your knees to your fee-"
I dove head first into the water, when I lost balance.
When I came back up to the surface, Harry was laughing like a maniac.
" Oh my god!!" he said between breaths. " that was so funny!! You went like-" he fell, his shoulder first, into the water when I used all my strength to push him off his board.
This time, I laughed my head off.
" Now THAT was funny!!" I said, when he finally came back up.
He laughed and got back on his board.
" jokes on you! I'm not helping you get back on that thing!"


Several hours later, after a hard day of surfing, Harry and I walked along the beach with giant slushies in our hands.
" and when she opened her mouth- PRICELESS!" Harry exploded into laughter, and I joined with him, laughing at the memory.
Turns out we both loved the x factor, and  we were laughing about the horrible auditions that had happened the past years.
" But Simons reaction!!!" I laughed.
" He is pretty honest, but once you get to know him, he really is a good guy. "
" I'm sure he is." I said, seriously.
" he is. Hey, wanna watch a movie tonight?"
" sure sounds good. Which one?"
" I don't know what type of movies do you like?"
" uh... Fight club is my favourite..." he said flicking his curls.
" yeah we're not watching that. What about titanic or something?"
I swear to god I saw him smile. It flashed across his face so fast, but then it was gone.
" Uh, yeah sure. I guess."
" great! I have it in my room."




hai dere! just wanted to thank you for reading my fanfic!:) it actually emans so much to me when you read it, and like it. i literally fangirl every time comments, so i would love it if you would comment and tell me what you think! also feel free to comment any ideas that you would like Harry and Lauren to do one day! follow me on instagram, @yeskevinzaynisalovelyguy so we can fangirl together:D THANKS I LUBB YOU!

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