My Partner for the Photography Project

Lauren has always been the girl sitting at the back of the class, and she likes it that way. Every year, her professor assigns the photography project, where you must room mate with your partner, and document their life in pictures, so it seems bad enough for her. But what will happen when her partner is Harry Styles?


5. Haunted Dreams, and Snapped Realizations


Later on that night, after being at the zoo all day, Lauren had asked me to take a look at the pictures, keeping the good ones, and editing or deleting the bad ones. Of course, i had given her a hard time about it, but I honestly didn't mind. I actually had a lot of fun today.
I started clicking through the photos, after I inserted the memory card.
I clicked in the first one, Lauren was packing her purse for the day, and was trying to push me out of her room.
" Get out, I'm busy right now!!" I remember her shouting at me.
The next picture was of me when I had just come out of the shower, my hair, and sopping, my hair not as curly as it usually is, because it was wet. There is a bunch of steam coming from the bathroom door behind me.
I Usually showered, then wrapped a towel around my waist but I had changed this time, knowing Lauren was around.
The next picture, Lauren was driving, her sunglasses on, and her window open, causing her hair to fly back. I took the picture after I said a bad pickup line, and she was mid laughter in the shot. She looked really pretty in this picture.
Lauren was one of those people who was pretty, but didn't know it. I always thought being smart was a sexy trait to have, and Lauren was a genius. She knew what was bad, and what was good, and she always made the right choice.
I knew Lauren still wasn't 100% sure about me yet. She had become a little less stiff with me, but she still thought I was such a bad person. I don't open up to people a lot, in fact the only person I really talk to about my life is Louis, from my band, but maybe it would be good for Lauren to hear I'm not such a jerk as she thinks I am.
 I deleted some fuzzy, useless photos, and slipped the memory card back into the camera. I wonder what were going to do tomorrow.

I know Harry's in the other room working on our project. I asked him to do it, and I can practically hear him laughing at all the probably bad pictures of me.
I had actually a lot of fun today at the zoo with Harry. He really wasn't all that ba. Honestly, I could've been paired up with someone better, but I guess I could work with him somewhat.
I was going to let him pick where we went tomorrow, since I picked the zoo today.
I tried to drift off to sleep, but for some reason, curly hair, dimples, and green eyes haunted my dreams.

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