My Partner for the Photography Project

Lauren has always been the girl sitting at the back of the class, and she likes it that way. Every year, her professor assigns the photography project, where you must room mate with your partner, and document their life in pictures, so it seems bad enough for her. But what will happen when her partner is Harry Styles?


11. Captured as a Couple


" well." I said, after going on half the small rides in the park. " that was embarrassing."
Lauren was grinning ear to ear. I couldn't tell if she was happy about the rides she has gone on, or she was just happy that she had caused me embarrassment.
" Haha!" she laughed. " Too bad for you!!"
" please. Please. PLEASE. can we go into the haunted house. Or something! Anything that isn't Disney themed!!"
" but I hate haunted houses!!"
" and I hate going on rides where Mickey mouse greets you after. Come on!!"
I grabbed her hand, and we walked through the crowd towards the haunted house.
When we got there I was excited. This is the second good ride we have been on today!! Well, let's call it an attraction.
We got though the line, and into the haunted house.
A couple of times, things jumped out at us, we saw some dead bodies, and once I had a hand on my shoulder.
We had just turned the corner, still in the haunted house, when what was supposed to be a zombie, came up behind Lauren and put his arm around her neck, almost in the choking position. He did this for only a second, but Lauren immediately reacted, and screamed, and put her arms around me, practically squeezing the death out of me. Her face was buried into my chest.
I couldn't deny I enjoyed this touch. I wish I could put my arms around her, but she's only doing this because shes scared.
When the zombie disappeared, I took Lauren's hand, and lead her through the rest of the house. After she recuperated herself, she apologized for reacting that way, but honestly I didn't mind. She was clearly embarrassed she had done that, and slightly uncomfortable.
" Thank God it's over!!!" Lauren breathed a sigh of relief, and let go on my hand, which was practically bruising from how right she'd been gripping it. Ow.
" yeah. My fingers would've liked to get some blood circulation during that."
" Hey!! You're the one that dragged me in there!!"
" You were so scared!! I've never seen that side of you before!!"
" whatever!"
" Oh this is perfect!"
I noticed that there were big screens at the top of a booth of the entrance of the haunted house.
" no!! Pictures!!" Lauren cried, pointing at the picture we were in.
In the picture, Lauren had her arms gripped around me, and her head in my chest.
A elderly woman who was here waiting for her granddaughter to exit the house, noticed the picture and pointe to us, and said,
" oh, you children are so adorable. You must be so in love!! How long have you been together?"
Lauren's jaw dropped to the ground.
" oh were not-"
" yeah we're jus-"
" oh dearies!" the woman continued. " my granddaughter is here. What a gorgeous couple!"
The woman left Lauren and I in shock.
" well then." I said awkwardly.
" just going to pretend that didn't happen." she replied.
" Cotton candy?" I asked, pointing to a nearby stall.
" always." she said with a grin.

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