My Partner for the Photography Project

Lauren has always been the girl sitting at the back of the class, and she likes it that way. Every year, her professor assigns the photography project, where you must room mate with your partner, and document their life in pictures, so it seems bad enough for her. But what will happen when her partner is Harry Styles?


13. Aching Heads and Escaping Words


I slowly opened my aching eyes.
I couldn't feel much, but what I could hurt like hell. My head felt as if someone was hitting it with a hammer, and my body was weak and numb.
Before I knew it, I felt something in the back of my throat, and I sprung up as fast as i could in my condition, from my bed, and into the bathroom.
As soon as I got there, I bent over the toilet and threw up everything in my liquid filled stomach.
I heard footsteps running into the bathroom, and I felt a pair of hands pull my hair away from my face as I threw up again. I kept vomiting, until I couldn't anymore. I collapsed on the floor, shaking, and covered in sweat. I had an awful taste in my mouth, a mix between rotten apples and tequila.
Harry let my hair go, and sat down beside me.
" are you okay?"
I opened my mouth to reply, and Harry knew what was happening before I did. He pulled back my hair again, and I bent over the toilet and threw up again.
Just when I thought I was done.
I spat and sputtered until I plopped back onto the ground again.
Harry was sitting back again, and all I could do was put my hands around his neck and cry.
He pat my back, and let me cry.
" Hey, it's okay. Everything's going to be fine, alright? Your fine. It will pass. You'll be feeling better soon. We'll get through this together."
I knew that harry had been drunk too last night.
He continued to talk to me in a soothing voice, and hug me until I stopped crying and sat straight again.
" I'll get you some ice cold water okay? How does that sound?"
I nodded, and he left but returned soon with a glass of water like he promised.
He handed it to me, and I took it.
" small sips, and wait for a little bit in between. It helps."
I slowly began to sip it.
" thank you." I croaked. My throat was raw from throwing up.
" It's okay. I just want you to feel better okay?"
He gave me a sweet smile, an I smiled back.
" Can I shower?"
" yeah sure! Do you need help?"
I looked at him confused, not sure if he was kidding or not.
" I'm just saying! You could pass out any time and I don't want something to happen to you if I can't help." he said.
I let out a laugh, but immediately regretted after my head reminded me of my state.
" I'll be fine," I replied. " How about I leave the door unlocked, so if something happens you can come and help?"
" Okay." he stayed where he was, before I looked at him giving him the 'shoo' look.
" oh right sorry! Right, going now. "
I smiled. " thanks."
He left, closing the door behind him, and I grabbed onto the counter, and slowly pulled myself up. My knees were incredibly weak, and I felt awful. The room was spinning, and my head pounded. So this is what a hangover felt like. This is horrible.
I took off my clothes, and opened the door to the shower. It was one of those really big ones, with tiled flooring, and glass doors. It was probably about the size of a large walk in closet.
As I let the hot water start to soothe my aching head, my memories started to pour back.
Oh. No.
All of it ca me back to me. Everything that happened last night.
Passing out, dancing like a crazy person, downing drinks, and worst of all my confessions to Harry.
" your arms are so manly, I like it when they're around me."
Last, but certainly not least:
" Lauren likes you, but shh it's a secret."
I groaned.
" NO!!" I said quietly to myself, hoping the rushing water would muffle my words.
I told Harry that I was in love with him.
While I was drunk.
While we were both drunk.
I smacked my hand against my sopping head, which I immediately regretted. My head hurts enough.
I told Harry I loved him, then told him his arms were manly...
I pushed the thoughts out of my mind.
I got out of the shower, and dried myself off. My head was still aching, but my body felt a little stronger.
I brushed my teeth, and towel dried my hair,and I put on clothes Harry had brought in for me before he had left, then slowly opened the door.
Harry was on his iPhone, probably tweeting or something.
" oh, hey!!" he said, when he noticed me. " are you feeling any better?"
I nodded, and sat down at the kitchen counter.
He sat down beside me, and looked at his lap.
" Look, I know this is really bad timing and everything but I can't wait any longer."
I swallowed and he continued.
" sometimes, when youve had too much alcohol, sometimes you hear, or say weird things. Like.." he paused. " did that cat really disappear, is the world really spinning like that-"
" Did Lauren really tell me she's in love with me..." I finished for him. I stopped, surprised at my sudden outburst.
He paused for a minute, watching me.
" That too."
" look, Harry I'm sorry, okay? I was drunk, I was stupid, I shouldn't have-"
I didn't have to finish my sentence. Harry knew what I was trying to say. He showed me that. He showed me when I felt his soft, pink lips crash onto mine.
I kissed him back. I'd never felt this way before. All I had wanted for the past days was for this moment. All I had wanted was for Harry to put his lips on mine.
I pulled away, shocked. I no longer had butterflies in my stomach. I now had giant moths, with army boots trudging around.
" I'm sorry i shouldn't have-"
Like he did to me, I leaned in slowly, and put my lips to his again. This time, I let my hands run through his soft curls, and his hands stayed at my waist.
When I felt him smiling on my lips, I pulle away, smiling myself.
"Well then." he said, grinning.
" I meant it. I meant what I said last night. I really like you, Harry."
" I have been waiting," he replied " I've been waiting this whole time for you to say that."
" so have I." I grinned, and took his hand.
" It's funny how it took alcohol for me to finally follow through."

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