Lily was bullied in school. But not by the usual "popular girls". But by Liam. Lily hasn't seen Liam since he went away in 2010 somewhere. The story goes on from there, read this fanfiction to find out what happens in their epic adventure.


1. Fate

Lily's P.O.V.


I was bullied. Not by the "mean popular girls". But by Liam. He called me names. He even hit me sometimes.It was back when I wore glasses and had acne and stuff. I always two pink bracelets, for cancer. My friend had died because of cancer but no one knew. Liam would always pick on me for wearing them to school and being a "girly girl". When Liam went away it was the best day of my life. No one was mean to me, I didn't cry myself to sleep, and most of all, I wasn't scared of anything. I had moved to Australia when he was gone. Everyone knew where he had gone, except for me. Nobody told me, and I was fine with that. Since then, I've gotten contact lenses but I still wear the bracelets to remember my friend. I've never heard from him since, and that's the back story.



It's nearly been 3 years since I last saw Liam. For the first time, I wondered where in the world he was. I switched on the T.V. and there he was. Liam. But with four other lads beside him. There were girls in front of them, screaming "One Direction". I got up, walked to my laptop and searched them up. Hundreds of results showed up. I scrolled down to a Wikipedia page and opened it. So what I learnt from that page is: They are a band, the members are Niall, Zain/Zayn, Harry, Louis and last, Liam. Oh how I hated him. I listened to some of their music and it was pretty good. They were still on the T.V. so I payed attention to the gleaming screen. "I've got some friends back home who I haven't seen in a long time..." Liam said, answering back the interviewer. Hmph, what friends? I heard he got rejected by one girl twenty two times and when she finally said yes, she dumped him the next day. I would've done the same. Yea. I saw that they were in Australia and had a feeling that they were gonna go to the beach. It was around seven and I had school the next day so I got my dinner, ate quite slowly (as I normally do), got ready for bed and it was already eight. So I spent an hour reading my book then went to sleep; thinking about Liam. Yes, about Liam. So I wondered what he would do if he saw me...



I woke up the next day, got up to go to the bathroom and changed. I changed into a big hoodie with black leggings, and my hair up in a messy bun. I went downstairs, had cereal for breakfast and stomped out the door, "BYE!!!" I shouted to my parents up stairs as I headed for school. Without my shoes on. I awkwardly walked back into the house and got my shoes. I sat on the front steps of the house and slipped my converse on. Then headed to school again. It was a normal day at school except some of my friends were a little distant. They weren't talking to me and they were just ignoring me the whole day. During lunch, I asked my friend Amy why they weren't talking to me. "Liam Payne was talking about you yesterday on Daybreak." Oh. Wow. I did not expect that. Amy walked away and sat with my other friends for the rest of the day. When the school day was over, I went back home then changed to my swimming stuff. TO THE BEACH. So I went to the beach, and me being me, I decide to take surfing lessons, 'cause I, being an Australian citizen, had never surfed before. I paid for the lessons then got changed again, into a wet-suit. I grabbed a surf board and lined up in the short line of people taking the lesson. The "instructor" stepped in front. Dammit. I was  right. They were  at the beach. In fact, Liam was the "instructor". I guess he volunteered, but I didn't know he could surf. Oh well. I was glad he didn't notice it was me, since I didn't have my glasses anymore. I didn't even have my contacts on but I could still see him clearly enough. He looked at my wrist and back at my face. He held my wrist up with both his hands. He turned the wristbands to see a pink ribbon and the words "never stop fighting" on it.The words were a bit faded out but you could still read it. My god what has puberty done to him.


"L-lily?" He said tracing his fingers around the wristbands. "You look... So different."


"Same with you. I guess puberty hits hard." I replied jokingly.


"Haha yea. So are you here on holiday or anything?"


"Nah, I live here now." There was an awkward pause. "Um..." And another one. "Why did you bully me and hit me Liam?" I took up the guts to say it. But he just gulped & walked away to the front and talked about safety measures for surfing. What the hell Liam??? I know it must be hard to tell but seriously! Back to the surfing part; we had to practice on the sand first. We got our surfboards and lied down on them on the sand and practiced the swimming part? Well the arms part of swimming and when he said we were all good, we would go with individual instructors and go somewhere across the beach. And to my luck... I got stuck with Liam -note the sarcasm- He took me out to a fairly shallow part and got his own surfboard. He told me what to do, he told me when to do it,it was actually quite fun. There was a big wave and Liam thought I was alright to go on it. So I swam up to it and got ready to either (a) surf a wave or (b) fall off and fail miserably. When I got on the wave I stood up and successfully surfed half a wave then fell. I got stuck under the water 'cause my foot got caught in some seaweed or something. I struggled for air and desperately flailed my arms to try and get above the water. Eventually, about a minute later, Liam cut the seaweed off my foot and put me on his emergency surfboard and took me to shore. By the time I was on land, I was unconscious. I was out cold, lying next to Liam. He called the paramedics and they arrived ten minutes later but I was still out. They took me to the hospital and Liam came along to make sure I was ok.

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