Brandon Gester is a ex-detective, now living in Spain with his ex-detective wife, Scarlet. They have decided not to work on another case again for the sake of their children. But soon they find themselves in a situation where family makes them change.

"and the third, well you’ll find out sooner or later..."


3. Think

“So, what was all this then?” asks Scarlet

“It was a little test that S9 made me do” replies J2

“Shania?” asks Brandon

“She wanted to know if you two had slacked down” says J2

They were heading for the base which was located somewhere near Hanger Lane. A little chat about what had changed and who had newly been recruited made the journey quicker. They were already turning Carlyon Road and down Crabtree to reach 46. They got out the van and headed for the doors.

“What about those men in the van?” says Brandon

“Oh, someone will be there shortly to get them checked up” replies J2

The doors are opened by the special key that the staff have and Brandon and Scarlet find themselves to be welcomed by a huge group of people.

“WELCOME BACK!” roar the people. Shania is standing at the front with a cheerful face.

She had straightened her black hair which added a beauty effect on her dark eyes and her fair tone. Her hair came up to her shoulders.

The two advances towards the crowd the shouting gets louder until everyone has stopped and the exciting dies out when they see Brandon getting really serious “Now tell me what’s happening with the murder”

“Everybody back to work” shouts Shania. Everybody slowly retreats back to their stations and starts working sluggishly. “We have found out that the killer of the boy could be the person that murdered your parents`. The murderer has completely disappeared and is nowhere to be found. Now, we think that this murderer is related to your mum and dad murder because the killer has seemed to write a message saying something that has shocked everyone in the unit. I’ll show you it now”. Shania walks over to the evidence draw and pulls out a piece of paper in a plastic cover. The message read:


The first ones were the old hags that had their eyes and fingers taken off. The second is the boy that was stabbed which caused his lungs to deflate and the third, well you’ll find out sooner or later...


“We know the murderer is a man because we had an expert check the style of his handwriting. We also know he is talking about you parents because of the description he gave about the first murder” says Shania.

“We need to prevent the third murder” says Brandon with anger. “Run any background check to see if my parents and the kid had any connections within the last 3 years. Call the child’s parents in we need to ask them question about any enemies they had and if they know anything my parents` murder 3 years ago”

“First I need to give you these” says Shania handing them a USP.45 gun, a temporary Detective License and an electric tazer.  “J2 will be your sideman assisting you with anything” she says pointing at the person behind the two who is still standing in the doorway. “You two don’t have driving license so he will be driving”.

“Can you take to the alleyway where he was murdered, J2” asks Brandon.

“Sure get in the car parked to the right after you finish talking” J2 says heading outside.

  “I need to check this alleyway out myself” says Brandon to Shania. “Are you coming Scar?”

“Of course” says Scarlet.

The step outside enter the Black Audi. The car had tinted black windows with heated seats and TVs on the back seat. “Where was the murder” asks Scarlet

“3 blocks away from where B4’s parents lived” replies J2

“What near Sudbury? There has to be a connection between this murder and the one that is going to happen” says Brandon. “The killer probably knows me and also probably knows that I like alleyway cases so the next murder must be in another alleyway. I want to know how many alleyways there are in Sudbury”

“About 12” says Scarlet, checking on her laptop she always carries. “7 of them have working CCTV cameras and the others don’t have any. J2, which alleyway was the boy killed in?”

”The one opposite CIO Chicken Shop” replies J2, speeding down the road

“That one doesn’t have a CCTV camera in it” says Scarlet furiously typing words in her laptop.

“Can I have full information of this boy” asks Brandon

“It should be downloading on your phone now” replies J2 while taking the 2nd exit on the roundabout.

Brandon and Scarlet’s phone beep into life as the download has finished. The boy was 15 years old with blonde hair and freckles on his face. The boy called James was 5foot 3inch tall weighing 45kg.

They came to a halt just before the alleyway and got out. As they started to walk towards the alleyway a man catches Brandon eyes and starts running. The sudden change causes J2 to jolt.

“Run after him” shouts Brandon running after the man. They quickly close down on him and J2 pins him to the ground. By this time they are the centre of attraction so they decide to take the man into the car and talk with him there. When they get into the car the man is already pledging for forgiveness “Sorry sir, sorry”

“Now tell me why you ran after you saw me” shouts Brandon deeply staring into the man like a hungry predator staring at his prey.

“You look scary, sir” lies the man.

“Stop lying and tell me the truth” demands Brandon

“Do you know who this is” says Scarlet, showing the picture of James.

“Yes, that is the boy that killed in that alleyway which I witnessed” shouts the man

“What you witnessed it?” says Scarlet

 “Yes, I was taking out the bin in the alleyway and was at the back. Then some boy came into the alleyway and was waiting, for I think someone. He didn’t see me and I didn’t bother asking him what he was doing. Suddenly two black cars blocked the alleyway path and I got scared so I hid behind the bins. From the corner I saw a man step out of the car and he started to talk to the boy. All I heard was ‘yes I got the letter’ and then the man pulled out a knife and stabbed the boy in the chest. After he left I also left without doing anything because I was too scared. When I saw you today, three days after the murder I thought he came back and he was hunting me down”

“Did you see the man’s face” asks J2

“No, because he had a mask on” replies the man.

“Didn’t anyone else see him” questions Brandon.

“No, it was too early for anyone to be awake. I think it was 0500” says the man.

“Ok, what about the letter you were talking” asks J2

“I don’t know what he talking about” says the man

“Ok you may leave but leave your name, number and make sure you don’t leave the country till we tell you to also this never happened” says Brandon.

 The man writes his name on the paper and leaves the car closing the door behind him.

“That gives us a lot to explore on, firstly let’s start searching the alleyway then we find what was on the letter” says Scarlet.

The three of them leave the car and make their way towards the silent alleyway where all of this started.


















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