Brandon Gester is a ex-detective, now living in Spain with his ex-detective wife, Scarlet. They have decided not to work on another case again for the sake of their children. But soon they find themselves in a situation where family makes them change.

"and the third, well you’ll find out sooner or later..."


2. Always

The Flight to Heathrow just took off and Brandon and Scarlet were in the First Class seats wondering about what had happened in the last 24 hours.

Both of them had gone to sleep still thinking about the case. They had woken up in the morning by the sound of the chirping birds. The sun had made itself welcome into their rooms and had already settled down. After what had gone on yesterday Brandon had made his mind up and was ready to go.

“I want to go” said Brandon. “The way mum and dad were killed makes he want to rip up the killers guts and feed them to a starving lion. Nobody stabs a person on the hand, then rips their eyeballs out and then cuts the fingers off; slow deaths are really painful and that pain my mum and dad faced for 2 hours long. They felt themselves bleed to death a bit of energy running out each times an ml of blood gushes out”.

“I understand what you mean, if that was to happen to me I would want to do the same as you. So I’ll go to.” replies Scarlet.

Scarlet goes to the washroom while Brandon calls Shania and tells her that both of them are coming. Just then the boys run in and a thought strikes Brandon, what are they going to do with the kids?

“Kids go have breakfast and I’m pretty sure you can make bread yourselves” says Brandon. He walks to the washroom and starts brushing his teeth next to his wife.

“What are we going to do with the kids when we go” asks Brandon.

“I have already thought of that, I think we should leave them with your brother Laurence and tell the kids we are gone on holiday” suggests Scarlet.

“We need to talk to him” says Brandon




“Come in Laurence, do you want a cup of tea” asks Scarlet

“Coffee please” replies Laurence

Laurence redone his dark hair into dreadlocks which came up to his shoulders; he also got new piercing on his ears and still had his old one on his eyebrows. Just like his brother he is well built and really strong.

“Uncle Laurence” shout the boys before hugging him barely reaching to his hips.

“Hello my little devils, Uncles bought new toys to play with. Let’s go into your room and start playing” says Laurence walking towards the boys` room.

“Laurence, need a quick word with you, urgent” demands Brandon.

Boys go upstairs and I’ll be there in a minute, Okay” says Laurence

The boys run to their rooms shut the door behind them.

“What do you want, Bro” ask Laurence

“It’s about a case that involves mum and dad’s death and is also an A-Way case which I want to do because it could lead to the killer of mum and dad” says Brandon really quickly afraid he might get interrupted.


“So we need you to take care of the children till we get back” requests Scarlet

“I knew you weren’t going to stick by that commitment that you made, but why do I care? Sure I’ll look after Marc and Alex” answers Laurence.

Laurence goes into the children’s room and Scarlet slowly packs what they need. It’s almost half 3 by the time they finished. The boys come out to into the hallway to find their mum and dad just about to leave.

“Where you going mum and dad?” asks Marc

“Holiday, don’t worry we will be back with toys and lots of sweets” lies Scarlet

“But why can’t we come then” argues Alex

“Because you two have to school and learn from uncle Laurence” says Brandon. “He will take good care of you, wont you uncle Laurence?” he asks Laurence who is stepping out the room.

“Sure I will. We are going to have loads of fun together” says Laurence to the kids

“Yaay” burst out the children with happiness.

“I have left cash on the kitchen table; call me if you need more. Just get them what they what they want.”

They kiss their children and they are off for the airport.




That’s all they remember before boarding the plane and taking off.

“I think we should have told the kids the truth” regrets Scarlet.

“No, they are too young to understand” reassures Brandon

They had covered three quarters of their journey and already they were feeling uneasy of going back to the country where they had worked and earned a name, after 8 years; it as if they were entering heaven the second time but they had no idea what had changed. This had caused the remaining hour, an hour of really weird thoughts running through their mind like a child running for the ice-cream van.

They made out of Heathrow just after the rush hour. They had a person in black waiting for them displaying their name. The unusual thing was that it said to wait in the alleyway at the front of M&S shop. The man leaves, heading for the alleyway and so do the couple only 40 paces back. When they reach the alleyway illuminated by the sunlight they find themselves being greeted by two more men. All equal height and the same make up. All of them had glasses on so it was hard to tell their facial features however one had a scar most probably from a burn.

“So we were meant to meet you here, why do we...”asks Brandon before being interrupted by the man charging at them with a knife. He was charging with intent to kill.

Brandon swiftly dodges and Scarlet is quick to trip him over. Both of them are black belt don 4 so this should be a breeze for them however after 8 years.

The one with the scar makes his move. He comes from the left attacking Brandon head on. The knife in his hand is directly heading for Brandon’s legs. He doesn’t want to kill them as much as the other one, that has now got up started sparring with Scarlet. The scarred person is heading towards Brandon but only to be knocked out with a roundhouse kick up the temple.

Scarlet on the other side doesn’t seem to be struggling; she is toying with her opponent before ending it with a butterfly kick on the chest. Surely that must have caused him enough pain for him to not get back up again.

The third person at the back starts clapping “Well done it seems you still haven’t lost your touch S8 (looking at Scarlet) and (looking at Brandon) B4”

“How do you know our codename?” asks Scarlet

“Because I work for the DIC and I’ll fill you in on the journey back to base, now help me get these two in the van” replies the person

“My codename is J2” says the person.

Brandon picks up the scarred person and puts him in the van behind them.”When did this get here” asks Brandon

“You didn’t notice? It got here while you were fighting. Seems you have something to improve on then” says J2

J2 picks the other person up and loads him in the van. He is still conscious but can’t say anything. They get in the van and leave the alleyway as if nothing had happened.

















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