You Stole My Heart

A girl names Ashleigh has a best friend called Melissa and she is cousins with Louis from One Direction. Ashleigh falls for the Irish Charmer, Niall Horan. But she still has school. Will Ashleigh ever have a chance to get with Niall?


3. Watching A Movie


'Hey, Is there a room whete I could get changed?' I asked lifting up my bag.

'Oh yeah. Let me show you.' said Niall getting up off the couch and leading me into a spare bedroom upstairs.

'Thanks Niall. Meet you downstairs.' I said smiling from ear to ear.

As he walked out of the room, I closed the door and stared to get dressed. I had brought a baige coloured pair of jeans, a white top with a red hear on it, a cream coloured jacket and some white slip on shoes.

As I finished putting on my last shie, I opened the door and hopped  downstairs. Evertbody was sittibg in the lounge; there was only a space next to Louis so I took the oppotunity and went and sat next ti him. 

'Heey Louis!' I said trying to put some effort in it.

'Hey girl, how was school?'

'Oh ya know, boring as ever'

'Cool,well glad you and the girls could make it' He said smiling.

'Yeah,same' I said looking over at Niall

'Ooooh! Someones got a cruuush!'

Everybody all of a sudden looked over at us. I blushed.

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