You Stole My Heart

A girl names Ashleigh has a best friend called Melissa and she is cousins with Louis from One Direction. Ashleigh falls for the Irish Charmer, Niall Horan. But she still has school. Will Ashleigh ever have a chance to get with Niall?


2. The Excitement


'Yeah the same about Niall. He is sooo sweet. His blonde hair with bits of brown looks so adorable with his ocean blue eyes. When I hear his accent it makes me go all weak in the knees.'


'Awwh! This month is gonna be soo much fun!' said Bethany grinning. The bell went and we both snapped out of our daydreams. 

We walked to our form room and met Melissa there. Bethany and I walked over to her smiling our heart out. I knew Beth liked Harry, But I didnt know she was this serious. Maybe she might get rocked...




School had finished and I was walking to Melissa's house. I brought a bag of clothes so I could change at her house. 

We got Melissa's house. The door was already unlocked. We walkesd in and made our way to the lounge; when I saw Niall I felt all loved up. I gazed over at Bethany and her eyes were locked on Harry.

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