You Stole My Heart

A girl names Ashleigh has a best friend called Melissa and she is cousins with Louis from One Direction. Ashleigh falls for the Irish Charmer, Niall Horan. But she still has school. Will Ashleigh ever have a chance to get with Niall?


8. Beth and Harry.



Harry looked over at Bethany who was sitting next to him with her legs crossed and her hands in between. He then went back to focusing on us. He took a deep breath then started to say "Beth and I are a couple". I was shocked. I knew that Bethany really liked Harry, but I wasn't sure if Harry felt the same way. Now I know, I'm really glad they're together.


"Congratulations" I say breaking the silence between us. "Thank You" whispered Bethany, Well it sounded like a whisper.  "Thanks Ash" He said grinning at me whilst wrapping his arm around Bethany's should and pulling her to his chest. "Its alright guys" I replied smiling from ear to ear. 


Moments later, we were all messing about. Talking about life and the past. Lots of Happy memories were shared between us. "Sorry guys, I have to go" said Niall getting up and putting his shoes on. "Where are you going Ni? Your staying here" says Louis turning around on his chair. "I need to go out" he says before leaving the house with a slight drift. I slumped down in my chair wanting him to stay. 


"You alright Ash?" asked Liam, looking over at me. He looked concerned. "Yeah i'm fine" I say giving him a fake smile. "Are you sure?" he asked making sure. "Yeah" I say giving him a little nod. "I better get going, Thanks for having me Mel" I say picking my bag up ad heading to the door. 


"Oh, It was nothing" she said smiling ad hugging me goodbye. "See you tomorrow at school" She said before closing the door. "Yeah, school" I say to myself.

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