You Stole My Heart

A girl names Ashleigh has a best friend called Melissa and she is cousins with Louis from One Direction. Ashleigh falls for the Irish Charmer, Niall Horan. But she still has school. Will Ashleigh ever have a chance to get with Niall?


9. Back At School


When I woke myself up I swung my legs and carried myself to the bathroom. I took a shower and brushed my teeth, after I finished I went and got changed into my uniform. Before I got changed I quickly peeped through the window to see what the weather was like.


I decided on wearing a black school skirt, black tights, my school blouse and tie; and that was my outfit. When I went down stairs, I skipped breakfast and straightened my hair. When I was finished I picked up my school bag and walked off to school


{At School}


When I was there I made my way to my form, Where my friends would normally be. As I got round there I saw the boys, but they all looked different but I knew it was them. I walked awkwardly over to them and saw Beth and Harry in a corner of the corridor. Then around one table was Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn and Melissa. I walked over to them and grabbed a stool and sitting on the end of the table.

"So how come you guys are here?" I whispered "We thought it would be a good Idea, and it would give Louis to spend some time with Mel" replied Liam. "Oh alright" I replied to him.


{At Lunch} 


At lunch we were back at form. I was in my normal space, which was normally next to Bethany but she decided to go sit next to Harry and to suck his face off at the same time, ew gross. I quickly got the thought out of my head and decided to pick at my lunch, I wasn't hungry at lunch. Actually, i'm never hungry at all. 


The bell rang and signaled for the rest of my form to come to registration. After everybody had arrived my tutor took the register and noticed that boys on the tables.


{Way Home}


Today was really boring, I never got to spoke to Niall. He was always talking to somebody else and I didn't want to barge in on him. I think he was doing it on purpose and he didn't want to speak to me.


"Hey Ash. Sorry we didn't talk at all today" said an Irish fella behind me. He snapped me out of my thoughts and I turned around to see.. Niall. "Oh you" I mumbled under my breath. "Hey" I said to him whilst carrying on walking. "Do you maybe wanna hang out tomorrow?" He asked me. "Oh, just get to the point, huh? Niall, I would love to. You know I would"

"Alright, meet me on the car park straight after school. Text me yeah?" He said handing me a piece of paper with a combination of numbers, I was guessing it was his number. "Yeah sure" I said smiling at him then down at the paper. 

Tomorrow is going to be GREAT!


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