You Stole My Heart

A girl names Ashleigh has a best friend called Melissa and she is cousins with Louis from One Direction. Ashleigh falls for the Irish Charmer, Niall Horan. But she still has school. Will Ashleigh ever have a chance to get with Niall?


6. Acting normal


I watched him walk back into the front room (sitting room/family room) where everybody else was. I slowly followed him behind. There was a space next to Niall, how strange, so I went and sat down beside him. Shortly after we were playing truth or dare. It was time Harry got asked 'the question'. 


"Soo Harry. Truth or dare?" Louis asked. He quickly answered him with "Dare!" Louis had a thinking face on him. He thought hard. Eventually Niall whispered something to him. "Haha, Good one Ni" he said. "Okay, You Challenge is to Make out with Beth" Harry looked over at Louis and gave him a death stare, then one at Niall.


Soon after Harry handed his hand out for Beth to hold, she soon took it and Harry pulled her up. "See you to later" said Louis, making the words sound longer than they actually are. After they walked up the stairs and into a bedroom, I guess. Now it was my turn to ask a question. "Okay, Zayn, who is your crush?" I ask to him. "Uh, Perrie. You know from Little Mix" He said grinning. "Aww. Thats so sweet" I say being all girly. 


A/N Im gonna update this chapter soon. Hopefully by next week. Please leave comments on what you think about it. Thanks. 

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