Interesting Lifestyle (harry styles)

Beki is just another ordinary girl. She spends her time watching romantic films and keeping up to date on a close band called One Direction. 1/5 of One direction, Harry Styles, is Beki's childhood friend and there is nothing she hates more than people making disrespectful comments about her best friend. Naturally she sticks up for Hazza soon to receive a thankful call. To her delight he whisks her off to a fabulous holiday for two. Wait did I just say that! She wishes! I meant to say she was surprised and joins the whole band in the USA . With their tight schedule, will there be time to have a beautiful romance like she dreams? Will people get in the way? Will there be hearts broken? Or will the both fall desperately head over heals for each other? Well I guess you will just have to find out!


9. Relief Or Regret?

Beki P.O.V
"Harry get out of bed you lazy boy "
His voice startled me so much as I went to turn over I forgot about the end of the bed. Smack . I fell off the bed onto the floor.
"oh my goodness beki " Harry worried looking down on me. Louis scrambled over and reached out a hand to help me up . " are you ok I'm soo sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you" I thought about his words interrupt and it made think what would have happened if he hadn't I would have confessed my love to harry or it would have been totally awkward .
"no no its fine I was just about to get up anyway because Harry needs to get dressed!" I explained
"yeah Harry I'm already dressed for the wmyb video today" he boasted!
He was wearing his white with blue strips top and red turned up jeans and navy toms.
"Anyway I better go jump on Niall he is not up yet" said Louis then he went out the door.
Me and Harry looked at each other an laughed thank goodness he didn't feel awkward because i sure did.

Harry's pov
I wondered if she felt awkward because I do! I hope she hasn't realised. "so I should probably get dressed" I suggested .
"that would be a start, we only have half an hour to leave "!
" ok what should I wear ?!!"
"hmm... Well considering you guys are always colour co ordinated and Louis is wearing blue, white and red. You should probably wear similar colours." she got up and walked over to the wardrobe sliding the large wooden doors across. She pushed the clothes across examining each one until she finally picked a red polo shirt and a pinky blazer with a blue spotty hanky in the front pocket and light cream trousers like chinos.
"perfect" I smiled.
"good" and then she walked out the door.

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