Interesting Lifestyle (harry styles)

Beki is just another ordinary girl. She spends her time watching romantic films and keeping up to date on a close band called One Direction. 1/5 of One direction, Harry Styles, is Beki's childhood friend and there is nothing she hates more than people making disrespectful comments about her best friend. Naturally she sticks up for Hazza soon to receive a thankful call. To her delight he whisks her off to a fabulous holiday for two. Wait did I just say that! She wishes! I meant to say she was surprised and joins the whole band in the USA . With their tight schedule, will there be time to have a beautiful romance like she dreams? Will people get in the way? Will there be hearts broken? Or will the both fall desperately head over heals for each other? Well I guess you will just have to find out!


12. Preparing to party

Beki's pov

I woke up and the sunlight was streaming through the curtains. I looked beside me to see a lightly sleeping Harry.

"Harry!" I say in a slightly annoying voice. However this did not wake him.

"Harry!" I wisper shouted. He started to stir. After sitting up, I patted his side which was covered by sheets. "come on babe"

His lips mumble something and then his arms pulled me close to him. So close I could breath.

"ha..rry, can't .. Breath". I think he got the hint and loosened his grip. "come on Harry it's like lunch time. We should get up"

"we should get up but we won't! I like it this way" every word was a hum in his chest and when he was silent all I could hear was the beating of his heart.

I managed to squeeze out his grip and Pull him out of bed. Harry went to the bath room and came out in some grey Trackies, a white t shirt and his grey hat. He flashed a smiled and came back over the beds lifting me up on his back as we headed to the lounge. I squeeled as he picked up speed.

He stopped as I asked him to put me down, to which he replied with a no. I replied with an upset face which made Him say "what's the magic words"?

I thought a bout it but the answer was obvious "abra cadabra " I smiled.

"close enough" he huffed. I slipped off his back and attempted to jump over the back of the sofa but I failed and with my face in the cushions. I snuggled up to the arm of the sofa as Harry jumped on in one swift movement.

"hey boys" I smiled at liam, zayn and Niall."

" thanks for helping an looking after me last night. I'm not usually like that but this time I was" Niall honestly spoke.

"pizza?" Liam asked before I could reply. I looked down at the too pizzas and felt I took a slice of the sweet chilli pizza and Harry took some hot dog. As we ate I thought about what we were doing today. It's our day off. My thoughts soon turned into words.

"what we doing today?"

"party!!" zayn suggested In his vas happenin voice.

"wait one sec" harry thought. "wheres Louis?"

"in bed still " liam replied.

Niall jumped out of his seat!

"bundle" he shouted and the rest of the boys ran with him Down The hall way. I laughed to myself and laid down on the sofa and sighed. In two seconds I was sat up again and all the boys came in .

" seriously guys what are we actually doing!" I asked

"not sure" Louis yawned

I stood up and walked to the large window in the lounge. With the back of my hand I pushed the netting to the side. I observed what was around.

There was a Fairly small park behind the building remotely hid from civilisation.

"what about to that park!"

I suggested "obviously not all day but it's something to do"

" it's quite well hid" Liam explained also looking down at the park.

We all agreed and walked down to each of our rooms to get dressed.

I flopped halfway on both beds and let out the air in my mouth. I was lying on my belly looking right at the window .

" you better whatch out" Harry warned.

"uh oh" I squinted my eyes shut thinking it would help the pain from what ever he was going to do. Nothing happened.

I turned my head and saw him run closer to the bed, he jumped on it then flopped ontop of me.

"ow" the words managed to squeeze out as I was breathless from my squashing .

"this is quite comfy" he exclaimed.

" not for me " I hinted.

He rolled off me to the left.

"hurry up and get dressed because you want to go to the park" I told him .

"ok I won't be long"

He went into the bathroom after picking out his clothes. When he came out he was wearing a light blue top white trousers (skinnys) and white converse.

I pulled my self off the bed and got out my clothes. Before I walked in the bathroom I asked him if he wanted anything.

"oh yeah wait" he remembered what he had forgot. " I need to do my hair"

I threw him the hairspray and he did the ch ch chh. Meaning the way he hairsprays the side, front , then other side. The sound goes ch ch chh!!!

He thanked me and i put it back on the shelf above the sink. I put on my white skinnys; a long pink vest top; a light grey loose top that was netted at the top and I put my canvas high top shoes. I straightened my hair, which is an inch longer than the top of my shoulder and twisted my front side Parting and clipped it back.

I sprayed with my Hollister spray and used my under arm spray then went back out.

Harry wasn't in the bedroom I could hear them talking In the lounge , i was intrigued in there conversation so I hid in my door way and listened in on it .

" Beki is soo nice " Liam began

" and really funny" Niall giggled

" but also clumsy " louis warned

" she has really blue eyes" zayn added.

I peeped my head around the door so the couldn't see me. They all turned to Harry waiting for him to say something. So I walked down the hall to the kitchen, his back was to me when he was sat on the sofa. The other boys saw me and didn't tell him I was there.

" she's really beautiful" harry exclaimed.

"what was that" I startled him and he turned around.

"yeah! what was that Harry, I didn't quite hear you"Louis questioned emphasising on the 'was'.

" we were just talking about our friend becky that was on the x factor with us" harry lied.

"oh really.... Cus I don't remember her what week did she go out " I sarcastically said pretending I was serious.

"oh pretty early" he said scratching his neck looking at the floor.

Liam broke the awkwardness by smaking his hands together.

"well , let's get going then !"

We walked out the back entrance of the hotel. I walked to the pavement first to check for any fans or sneaky paparazzi .

"it's all clear" I shouted

They all walked out across the road.

Niall came up to me and thanked me for looking after him the other night.

I loved his accent. He whispered something under his breath and kissed my hand. It made me giggle.

Not because he kissed my hand because we are friends and it's not like that between us. But because of the stupid comment he said ,that I forgot In like two second. God I am such a gold fish.

Harry's pov

"hey Harry look at beki and Niall" Louis laughed.

"I don't care I doesn't bother me !"

I lied.

What was he doing and why was she giggling like that!!!!!!

"yeah right" Louis humoured.

"seriously, why would I were just friends"

" with benefits " Louis whispered to himself, but I heard

"no just, just, best friends , were really close".

We all arrived at the park. Beki ran over to the swings. She waited for me too come over.

"sit down" she commanded pointing to the swing.

I sat down and she sat on my lap.

I managed to swing us a bit but it was hard with her on my lap.

Not much was said she just kept still on me like she was falling asleep.

"the swings are my favourite things at the park"she quietly muttered.

"I remember when I used to go on the swings and watch my dad play football with my step mum, course that was a long time ago, when It was just the three of us we had so much fun" she continued look down at her hands.

I turned my head sideways and Rested it on her back.

"sorry I'm boring you" beki stood up and began to walk slowly away.

"no you're not " I ran over to her side, trying to comfort her.

"I take it, it's some thing you miss" I spoke.

"yeah " she nodded,avoiding eye contact.

She looked over to Liam on the round about.

"need some help" she shouted running over to him.

She must miss those times alot, she was almost crying. I wandered over to Louis , Niall and zayn who were on the apparatus (climbing frame).

"we need to do something special tonight to make her happy" I sighed.

"yeah she looks pretty sad" Niall said sarcastically looking over at her laughing with Liam on the round about.

"no she is inside! She's not 100%" I replied.

"Let's party" zayn repeated from earlier.

"that's not a bad idea, well done Zayn" Louis patted zayns head.

"we could hit the town I suppose" I suggested.

"who cares about other people as long as we have a good time!" Niall said as his face lit up.

"okay let's do this poo" I spoke.


See the chapters are getting longer and hopefully less boring I dunno.

More interesting things to happen in this story!!!!!

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