Interesting Lifestyle (harry styles)

Beki is just another ordinary girl. She spends her time watching romantic films and keeping up to date on a close band called One Direction. 1/5 of One direction, Harry Styles, is Beki's childhood friend and there is nothing she hates more than people making disrespectful comments about her best friend. Naturally she sticks up for Hazza soon to receive a thankful call. To her delight he whisks her off to a fabulous holiday for two. Wait did I just say that! She wishes! I meant to say she was surprised and joins the whole band in the USA . With their tight schedule, will there be time to have a beautiful romance like she dreams? Will people get in the way? Will there be hearts broken? Or will the both fall desperately head over heals for each other? Well I guess you will just have to find out!


13. Good Day.

Harrys pov

I beckoned Liam and beki over and explained that we were going out.

"woo hoo" beki shouted.

We all watched her do a little dance on the spot.

"oh my god !! " beki panicked

"what " I said rushing by her side.

"I have nothing to wear!" she sighed.

We burst out laughing.

I chuckled and put my hand around her shoulder pulling her into my side.

We all started walking toward the hotel. "I'm starving!" beki complained!

"we just ate " zayn frowned.

"I have a big appetite " I confessed.

"but your a flipping twig beki!" Liam said confused .

"well she doesn't eat as much as me" Niall boasted.

"maybe not that much, because no one eats more than you Niall !" beki said.

We all laughed again.

"your right beki , I'm hungry too! Maybe I should eat you !!!"He shouted then began chasing after her. She kept running but looked back to poke her tongue out at him .

She was too busy looking behind she didn't see the metal pole. When she turned around the top of her head Smacked into the pole a she was wiped on the floor.

Oh no.

Beki's pov

I hit the pole and fell onto my back Niall wasn't that far behind so he managed to grab my head so it didn't hit the ground hard.

I touched my head to feel blood pouring out. I watched the boys group around me It was hard for me to see .

I felt my weight being lifted of the ground as I was slung on Harry's back. I kept my head on his shoulder forgetting about the blood.


Once we were back in the room he sat me down on the bed. He swiftly walked over to the bathroom

And opened the cupboard pulling out some cotton buds and ointment.

I walked in to the bathroom and sat on the shut toilet lid. He turned around and crouched in front of me.

My head was pounding. The blood had trickled down my face. I looked at the shoulder of his shirt it was covered in blood.

"oh my god Harry your bleeding" I yelled staring at his top.

He looked down at it and laughed .

" your such an idiot " he began . " it's your blood from when I was carrying you back here! You had your head resting on my shoulder"he laughed.

"duh" I said face palming. My hand hit my head and I let out an 'ouch' as I hit the open cut.

"you hit your head pretty hard, now keep still".

He dampened a cotton bud with water at the sink. He wiped the dry blood, I shivered at the cold water.

Then he pressed the bud on the top of the bottle and quickly tipped it upside down. He gently Dabbed the cut . I winced at the stinging pain.

His gaze locked with Mine.

"it's okay beki" he comforted.

His eyes never left mine. I stared at his beautiful green orbs. God he was so freaking hot. We both lent forward slowly closing the gap between us.

"beki" I heard zayn call.

We both jumped back and he continued to dab the cut .

" there you are" zayn said entering the room.

"we are going out... Shopping" he smiled.

Thank god for that. I had nothing to wear. He asked Harry if we had finished everything here. Harry nodded. Damn, it wasn't finished we were interrupted !!!

"cool" I smiled.

I got up and grabbed my bag from the bed. Harry slowly rose up from

The bathroom and walked in to the door frame. I followed zayn out the room Harry grabbed my hand. My heart pounded. We looked at each other. "bye" he smiled. " bye" I cheerfully smiled back.



Thanks to those reading and I hope you like

Beki x

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