Interesting Lifestyle (harry styles)

Beki is just another ordinary girl. She spends her time watching romantic films and keeping up to date on a close band called One Direction. 1/5 of One direction, Harry Styles, is Beki's childhood friend and there is nothing she hates more than people making disrespectful comments about her best friend. Naturally she sticks up for Hazza soon to receive a thankful call. To her delight he whisks her off to a fabulous holiday for two. Wait did I just say that! She wishes! I meant to say she was surprised and joins the whole band in the USA . With their tight schedule, will there be time to have a beautiful romance like she dreams? Will people get in the way? Will there be hearts broken? Or will the both fall desperately head over heals for each other? Well I guess you will just have to find out!


17. Chicken Wings

Harrys pov.

Beki jumped off my back and ran up the steps onto the stage. When she was central she place one Hand on her heart, stretching the other in front and let out a note opera style. We all laughed at her then jumped onto stage. She looked so pretty, I really liked her. She came by my side and held my hand. They boys looked at us with smirks on their faces. Beki blushed slightly.

"boys lets do a sound check" Paul called.

"oh hi Paul, this is beki!" I looked down at her smiling then back at Paul.

"oh I've heard a lot about you" he said shaking her hand.

"really!" she said in shock.

"yeah! I thought You were just friends !" he said pulling a confused face.

"no!" I laughed, quickly pulling her close and then kissing her on the lips. She pushed me away and punched me.

"stop it!" she gritted through her teeth.

"what! I'm not going to not show you off" I laughed.

"boys sound check" Paul reminded keeping us focused. We all grabbed a microphone and the guy doing the technical stuff, made sure they were working. Beki sat on top of a large amp.

"one, two," zayn said down the microphone.

We carried on practicing. We were sorting out stage directions. Beki had moved to a front row seat and was on her iPod . She was playing games. I know it's a bit boring for her but we have to do it.

"do any of you boys want a drink ?" she asked putting my ray bans back on.

"I'll have a water please" Liam asked politely.

"can I have a fanta orange please" Louis added.

"lucasade sport orange please" zayn smiled.

" I will have......a mountain Jew" Niall Revealed his thoughts.

"surprise me!" I grinned.

"no way!" she laughed. What was so funny.

"I am not surprising you because you will probably moan" she shook her head.

" i will not ! Just get me anything" I smiled and fluttered my eyelids. "please babe,!!"

"fine" she gave in and then headed to the exit.

"wait !" I yelled . "be careful there are a lot of screaming girls out there!"

"don't worry I will" she smiled.

Beki's pov

"please babe,!!"

"fine" I gave in not wanting to argue with him. I headed for the double doored exit and the back of the seating.

"wait!!" Harry yelled. I could recognise his voice anywhere. "be careful there are lots of screaming girls out there!" aww it's cute that's he's protective and it shows he cares. "don't worry I will!" I smiled back and pushed through the doors.

The sunlight almost blinded me thank god I had the sun glasses on. A lot of girls , and I mean a lot came rushing to the exit. I tried to act casually like it was no big deal, so I walked with a bit of swag. Who am I kidding I look like an idiot! I speed walked across the streets until I found a co- operative , they always had drinks in there. I noticed that a couple of girls were following me but I decided to brush it off. Once at the refrigerator section I pulled out the required drinks. A fanta , water , orange lucasade, mountain dew and a lucasade cherry for me. "what should I get Harry" I muttered a loud.

"cherry coke!" a girl behind me suggested.

I looked at her and her friend " do I know you" I asked scrunching up my eyebrows.

"no but we know you!" she enthusiastically smiled.

"sorry, I'm lucy and this is charlotte. We're directioners and we heard that you and Harry were dating .... But any way you should buy the cherry coke it's delicious and he would love it!" she smiled after a lot of fast speaking.

"okay thanks! I probably would have chose that anyway," I said grabbing the cherry coke and plopping it in the basket.

I walked down the isle to buy some stuff that we were short of at the hotel. I could feel the girls behind me following. I stopped and threw in two packets of Oreos ( one for me and one for Niall) , some spaghetti and sauce, sugar ect. The girls suddenly disappeared and i let out a sigh. They were ... Interesting. After buying everything at the till I walked out of the shop. Lucy and Charlotte where stood outside.

Lucy handed me a carrot "can you give this to Louis please." she smiled.

"sure thing, and that too " I asked referring to the giant chocolate chip muffin in charlottes hands. "yeah but please give it to Niall " she asked.

They said their thanks and walked off. They weren't that bad I thought directioners would be more crazy!

"Hey guys !" I shouted as I approached the stage. All the boys were sat along the edge of the stage and all gave a wave. I handed them all their drinks.

"thanks for the coke, I quite fancied one " Harry smiled after the rest of the boys said thanks.

"no problem, I actually couldn't decide two girls told me you would like it!" I laughed." their names were Lucy and Charlotte! They were really sweet they were going on about how they were directioners and they had followed me to the shop because they knew who I was!" I shrugged.

"oh yeah that reminds me. Lucy told me to give you this" I handed the carrot to Louis and he laughed.

" and Charlotte got you this Niall " his eyes lit up as he saw the giant choc chip cupcake.

"she knows the way to a mans heart!" he laughed.

We all giggled. Zayn asked what he got, I thought for a moment. Hes very vain so it's gotta be something about his looks. I then said 'a girl could never give you the best gift because you've already got it! Your looks' he smiled batting his eye lids.

"I don't need any gifts. I've got my Danielle!" Liam sighed picturing his pretty girlfriend in his head as he stared into the distance.

"and what do i get" Harry smirked.

"nothing" i made sure I said it with no emotion to make him pull a face. It worked, he saddened his eyes and slightly curled his lip.

"fine you can have a hug!" I rolled my eyes.

"a hug!" he raised eye brows into and 'oh no you didn't ' face.

"no way are you just giving me a hug when you can kiss me" he smiled shaking his head.

"fine, close your eyes pout your lips and I'll kiss you" I said.

He followed my instructions. I walked up to him keeping him waiting , then kissed him on the cheek. I stepped back and walked over to the shopping bags. I could hear the boys laughing at him behind me. I turned around and looked at the five boys sat in front of me. How had this happened, the time had gone so quick. I have made friends with five , well four, of the most incredible boys. One a little more than the others. I loved his curls and his dimples and his green eyes and his cheekiness and his four nipples and his fashion sense and his cooking and his personality and ....

"Beki!" Liam shouted interrupting my thoughts and apparently my gaze, I guess I must have been staring at Harry through that. Oh well.

"I am soo hungry you guys!!" Niall moaned. Actually I'm a little hungry my self. My tummy quietly rumbled . Alot hungry. "me too!" I nodded.

"ok let's go get food, we've got a brake so we might as well" Louis shrugged.

"nandos nandos nandos nandos" Niall jumped up and dance on the stage.

"fine lets go" zayn gave in. There was no point in arguing with niall when It came too food and nandos . Anyway I've never been so it could be fun.

We grabbed our stuff and began to walk towards the exit. The boys were far ahead. Me and Harry were just behind. He grabbed my hand as we walked up the seating steps towards the door. When we met the door we prepared ourselves for what would be outside. But we knew security would help us. The boys pushed the doors open letting in the sunlight. I hesitated but pulled Harry closer and kissed him quickly on the lips. It wasn't very passionate or long but I still felt my heart skip fifty Beats.

"finally" he sighed looking up to the ceiling. I laughed as we stepped out into the busy crowd.


Finally we arrived at nandos. It gave off a warm vibe. The smell of chicken rushed up my nose. We headed to the girl that seated customers. She was pretty I could tell the boys agreed. All of them staring at her and her long blonde hair. I pulled at Harry's hand, then punched him on the arm with my free hand. "oww" he whispered rubbing his arm. Why was no one talking. "table for six please" I smiled politely. "sure this way" she smiled back. I had to literally drag Harry to make sure he walked rather than staring. Did he have any idea what he was doing and how I felt. I remembered that he was a ladies man and could be a bit of a player. I wish he could hear my thoughts right now so he would stop drooling!

We arrived at the table and I had to drag Harry to sit down. The rest of the boys managed to switch back on.

"here are your menus" she smiled then walked off. I punched Harry again.

They all looked at him then to me.

"Wow you saw a pretty girl" I said sarcastically." I almost slipped over in your drool."

"oh" they all mumbled sort of looking down.

"anyway what should I order I have never been here before" I questioned.

"you have ....... You've never..... Dear lord this girl has not lived" Niall stumbled, obviously horrified I have never been. "you should get the chiken wings seems as it's your first time. It's a simple meal but delicious!" he explained.

"ok we'll go order" Liam said gesturing to Niall, zayn, Louis and himself. Let slid off their seats and headed to the counter to order. It was really quiet between me and Harry. I decided to cuddle him. I slid to his side and wrapped my arms around him. He was really warm and his arms held me back.

"you ok babe" he asked.

"yeah" I snuggled even closer to him. I loved it when he called me babe, it was really cute. He kissed me on the fore head. But I had an urge to kiss him. I looked up at him and smiled soon planting a kiss on his lips. We pulled away and continued to hug. I turned my head to see the boys still ordering! What on earth where they getting the whole menu.


"your right Niall this is good!" i nodded as I began to eat the rest of my chicken. It did taste really good and the chicken wasn't dry. I sipped my coke then finished my tea. I didnt want to eat anymore and the rest of the boys had finished except Niall, he was still eating! And I thought I ate a lot sometimes. We all made small talk as we waited for Niall to finish. We talked about how I was leaving in 4 days! I had already had an amazing experience and I didn't want to leave it behind. What would happen to me and Harry? We would struggle to keep it together and with all the girls around him it's going to be hard for both of us. It would just be a summer love. Love?? What am i talking about I don't love him , I fancy his pants off and were going out but not love!

"finished!" niall eventually smiled.

"it's about time" Liam sighed looking at his watch.

"hey never rush nandos!" Niall said whilst crossing his eyebrows.

We all lifted ourselves from our seats and walked towards the door.

"I'll go pay" I suggested, Liam passed me the card and told me the pin. I walked to the counter as the boys waited. A pretty blonde waiter was there.

"hi I've come to pay" I said with plain expressions.

"ok " she said as I quickly inserted the card and typed the pin. "could I offer you and your friends a black card so you can come back for free as much as you want." she stared at them whilst she spoke and gave a little grin to harry.

"no thankyou my boyfriend and our friends would not like one, i think Niall has one anyway!" I fake smiled emphasising on boyfriend. No way were we coming back her if she was regally working.

I span on my heel with the credit card in my left hand, walked over to the boys , held Harry's hand then walked out. When we got back to the arena the boys carried on practicing.

I told them I was going to look around. I put my headphones in and put my iPod on shuffle, rizzle kicks - when I was a youngster came on. I jammed out rapping down the corridors , until I got to the dressing room corridors. I looked at all the titles on the doors : staff, dancers, one direction . Hmm that seems like a good room to go in. I opened their door and walked in closing it behind me. There was a long sofa in the middle of the room and five mirrored desks and spiny chairs. On the right hand side there was a rack of their clothes. I loved how they were all colour co-ordinated ! I looked around as a familiar beat played in my head phones.I Danced to the beat as Liam began to sing. I loved this song and was dancing around the room. I began to sing.

" baby you light up my world like no body else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile the ground it ain't hard to to tell you don't know, you don't know your beautiful" I sang the rest of the words jumping around the room. I was alone so who cares! It got to the part of Harry's solo and was quiet so could her him sing .

"baby you light up my world like no body else the way That you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know" wow it was like he was actually here. I felt someone's hands on my hips, then spin me around to face them . It was Harry he looked down at me .

"you don't know your beautiful" he sang to me, then kissed me on the lips.

"woah! How long have you been in here." I asked realising that I was dancing like an idiot probably in front of him.

"long enough" he smiled.

Oh god. I mentally face palmed.

"I didn't know you liked our music?" he continued almost leaving it as a question.

"well, you have been my friend for like a long time so of course I would have listen to your music" I said looking at the ground. How embarrassing!

"all of our music?" he asked.

"maybe " I said keeping my eyes fixed to the ground.

He placed my hand in his and led me back out of the room. I turned off my music and put my iPod in my pocket.

I waited as the boys finished rehearsals.


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