Interesting Lifestyle (harry styles)

Beki is just another ordinary girl. She spends her time watching romantic films and keeping up to date on a close band called One Direction. 1/5 of One direction, Harry Styles, is Beki's childhood friend and there is nothing she hates more than people making disrespectful comments about her best friend. Naturally she sticks up for Hazza soon to receive a thankful call. To her delight he whisks her off to a fabulous holiday for two. Wait did I just say that! She wishes! I meant to say she was surprised and joins the whole band in the USA . With their tight schedule, will there be time to have a beautiful romance like she dreams? Will people get in the way? Will there be hearts broken? Or will the both fall desperately head over heals for each other? Well I guess you will just have to find out!


16. Adventure Time

My eyelids fluttered open. My head still hurt and my neck felt stiff. I was lent on something hard. I turned my head to see Harry asleep next to me with his arm under my neck. I slowly lifted it up as I became desperate for a wee. I hoped out of bed and felt the cold. When I entered the bathroom I not only noticed that the beds were pushed together again But I was wearing nothing but my under wear. I definitely do not Remember getting undressed. After doing my business I slowly creeped the door open and Harry started to stir. I quickly ran and jumped into bed pulling the covers over me.

He kept his eyes shut but began to speak.

"you know you don't have to run, I've already seen you in your undies!" he chuckled.

"yeah I did wonder how I managed to get undressed."

"well I didn't think you'd mind after what happened last night!"

"oh my god, what happened last night" I panicked .

" we'll after threatening a girl...not that much but you did kiss me!"

"did I ....... Oh yeah I did didn't I , but if I remember you did kiss me back"

"yeah I suppose"

"not bad for a beginner hay" I said nudging his side.

"beginner??" he was confused." was that your first kiss"

"psshh nooo!" the silence fell. "fine yes it was ok!"

"aww" he opened his eyes and pulled me closer to him. I was lying on my belly and had my left hand on his shoulder right shoulder.

"can I do it again" he asked.

"don't even bother asking!" I replied.

We began to kiss even more than before. His curls danced between my fingers. I pulled away. " so what else happened last night because I can't really remember"

"you did say I looked hot in a shirt and a bow tie. And quote you said' I would!' you also squeezed my bicep and squealed."

"oh my god " I mentally face palmed." I can't deny the truth it's true you are gorgeous in a bow tie!"

He began to kiss me again more fierce than before.

" guys when you've finished snogging get up" Louis again he always interrupts us!

I stuck my thumb up than shooed him out the door with my hand gesture. After a while I rolled over and got out of bed. I didn't even care about Harry this time I pulled the covers off him! Thankfully he was wearing pants! And i pulled him up by the hand. He immediately hugged me tight. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he gently kissed My neck. "Harry stop it !" I laughed.

"Harry stop it" I began to yell.

" what! I could never do it before because we were just friends" he laughed.

I took my arms and wrapped then around his torso , snuggling into his chest. " so what are we now ?"

I said looking up at him.

" what ever you want to be" he smiled.

I pushed away from him and walked over to The bathroom. I shut the door behind me and locked it. I just sat against the door waiting for his reaction.

"beki?" he questioned after about a minuet.

"go away Harry !" I pretended to be angry at him.

"beki. What have I done now"

"go away, you said we were whatever I want to be and I hate you so I don't want to see you again" I began to fake sob.

" beki please " he mimicked.

"it's not you it's me" I continued. God that was so cheesy and film like.

"beki just open the door" he cried.

I waited and he slowly walked out of the bedroom into the hallway. Slowly and quietly I unlocked the door and began to run out. He quickly dashed in and chased me. My quickest reaction was to hide in the closet. Once I was inside I held onto the inside handles. From the outside he began to tug. My hands and arms weakened and I slowly released, he came bounding in and landed on top of me. He pulled the doors shut and the darkness fell . I could hear his breath on top of me.

"Harry your kind of squishing me" I pointed out.

He ignored my words and began to trace shapes on my thighs with his hands.

"Harry stop that tickles" I giggled." Harry please stop.... Harry no."

He wouldn't stop and I couldn't find a way to make him stop. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close and kissed him.

He suddenly stopped. Yes victory!

"oww " he sighed.

"what on earth are you doing beki?"

I quickly pulled away.

"stopping you from tickling me by kissing you!" wasn't it obvious.

"and how was kissing my eye working out"

"oh my god was that your eye. I did wonder why you didn't kiss me back!" we both laughed. He hugged me nuzzling into my neck. I stroked his curls then rubbed his back!

It was perfect finally we can be together and not have to hold ourselves back. We can tell each other how we felt and stare into each others eyes without it being weird. I kissed his Head that was resting on my chest.

Finally he began to move and get up. His weight lifted of me and and I let out a big breathe. He lifted me up of the wardrobe floor and we began to get ready. I knew we weren't doing much today except rehearsals so I got dressed into my jeans, a white tank top that had thin straps and my purple hoodie with white draw strings. I put on a pair of plimsolls then tied my hair into a pony tail with a small amount of makeup. After eating breakfast we headed down to the lobby ready to leave. The boys had already left and were probably waiting so we tried to hurry. Harry politely opened the passenger door and I slipped in.

Once inside the convertible, Harry handed me a pair of black ray bans identical to his and we both put them on. He rolled down the sun roof letting the sun shine through. We cruised down the road with the wind blowing through our hair. When we finally arrived I got out the car and Harry was straight by my side. He held his hand out and I gently placed mine in his. Hand in hand we walked towards the large concert arena. Many people snapped pictures and a group of fans hurried over. Harry looked at me and I could tell what he was thinking or going to say. "go ahead" he walked over to the screaming fans and had photos and autographs.

There were so many pretty girls here and he was with me. I began to find it hard to believe. So many girls loved him and would die to have him and he was mine?? I knew a lot of girls would begin to dislike me.

I turned around and Harry was out of sight were had he gone. I guessed he was being ushered inside because a large group of security crowded in. I managed to sneak in, if they saw me they would have thought I was a crazy fan trying to meet them.

I walked down the long marble floored corridor but it seemed the building was round as I ended up in the same place. I found a door and decided to go in I found myself in the seating of the arena, it was huge but the boys were no where in sight. I thought they would be back stage so I headed on to the stage. How on earth could they sing on this it was huge! So many seats! I looked At the side of the stage it seemed to go backstage. Surely They would be here.

I walked on and found myself down another corridor I looked down it and it seemed to have dressing rooms I walked down to each one and looked inside but they were no where. I headed back to the stage as I heard men talking from behind me. I didn't turn around but I could hear their footsteps close.

"hey,stop!" they shouted as their pace quickened.

Uh oh i started to run and I heard their foot steps behind me. I ran through to the stage and looked around for somewhere to hide but they were hot on my tail. I quickly slipped under the stage and began to crawl deeper through the metal staging. I came to a gap were there was floor so I sat on it. My heart was racing.

"were did she go " the questioning as they continued to search. Suddenly the floor shuddered.

Earlier on....

Liam's pov.

We all waited in the meeting room for Beki and Harry to arrive. They were taking for ever. Suddenly Harry came running through the door on his own.

"where's beki " Niall asked.

"dont know"Harry frowned.

"you mean you lost beki" Louis was surprised.

Harry began to talk. " we'll I didn't loose her, I was signing some stuff for fans and she was behind me then I told her to follow me, I thought she was behind me. I got rushed in and then she was gone so I came here to see if she found her way!" he spoke quicker and quicker till he was panicking and out of breath.

"so you technically lost her " I said.

"yeah" he frowned.

"well we need to find her " zayn began. "I'll go with Liam to find her you three stay here".

Myself and zayn walked out of the meeting room into the long corridor that circled around the arena. No wonder she got lost there was so many doors.

"why don't we start with the dressing rooms." zayn suggested.

"ok " we had to start somewhere. We made our way down the corridors.

"did you see Harry and beki last night!" I laughed.

"no what happened!" zayn asked

"when you guys all went to dance me and beki went to the bar to have a drink, Harry was dancing by some girl and she kept getting close to him. Beki noticed and was getting really jealous and frustrated so she kept drinking.obviously she was a bit drunk and she had had enough of this girl, she went up to her and pushed out of the way! I tried to stop her but she carried on she couldn't even walk she had to much to drink! anyway they started to talk but when Harry talked she told him to shut up and she kissed him!" I was still shocked.

"oh so thats vas happenin" zayn laughed.

"he took her home last night and louis said he found them kissing a lot this morning."

"no wonder they were late" zayn said wiggling his eye brows.

We stopped in our tracks as we heard lots of doors banging. We walked round the corner and saw a girl walking away. We guessed it was beki!

"hey,stop" I shouted as we walked faster. But she carried on and didn't look back. Soon she started to run so we followed her. We ran through to the door to the stage and she was out of sight.

"where did she go ?" zayn asked.

We walked forward and I heard Clanking under the stage until there was silence. I turned to zayn and whispered "shes under the stage but I know how to get her out."

We walked over to a box attached to the wall and opened it. There was lots of different buttons. One said ' stage floor' so we pressed it and the stage shuddered. We ran up to the steps on the stage and watched as a piece of the floor rose and up came beki squeezed into a ball with her eyes shut.

"hey beki" we laughed.

She flashed an eye open and saw us. Soon she quickly jumped up and brushed herself off.

"oh my goodness , I am so glad you boys are here I was chased by someone under the stage and then it rose and you guys appeared"

We both looked at each other and laughed.

"oh right " she laughed. "it was you!! Why didn't you call my name"

"well we weren't sure if it was you so we didn't want to call out your name." zayn laughed.

"oh we'll we found you now, when Harry said he lost you we volunteered to come find you"

"Harry didn't loose me he walked off without me" I told them.

"didn't you hear him call your name to follow him" we were still laughing.

She looked at the ground and shook her head.

Beki's pov

We walked back down the dressing room corridor and three figures appeared at the end. The first was Niall stuffing his face with a packet of Oreos. Next was Louis he was waving frantically and then Harry stood at the end smiling.

I was so glad to see him. I ran as fast I could up to him and flung my arms around his neck.

"Harry"I squealed.

"I am so glad I see you !" I sighed gripping on and not letting go.

He hugged me tightly back. I pulled away further and pecked him all over the face.

"where did you go"

"long story short, I was chased by Liam and zayn but i thought they were security and then I appeared on stage!"

"well were going back there again now !"

I went round to his back then jumped on. He laughed and we began to walk down the corridor for like my fifth time today! I turned to Niall "oi Niall give me an Oreo!" I ordered. He looked at me and shook his head.

"fatty give me the Oreos !" I was abit harsh but it was funny!

"I am not fat! " he pointed the Oreos at me. Wrong decision Niall. He pointed them close enough for me to snatch them away from him. I poked my tounge out at him and began to eat them.

As I munched on the first one I let a purpose 'mmmm' slip out of my mouth. He didn't like the fact I was rubbing it in his face.

"Louis am I fat beki said I was fat I mean I eat a lot but I'm not fat right! Oh no I'm fat! Wait I'm not fat ! Louis am I fat!" he panicked.

"oh shut up Niall " Louis moaned.

I threw the Oreos back at Niall and he shut up.

"thanks beki " he smiled.

"thats okay fatty" I smiled

"Louis beki called me fat again" he moaned.

"Niall shut up your not fat ok!" I sighed and rested my chin on harrys neck.

"you okay?" he whispered to me.

"yeah" I burrowed into the back of his neck and shut my eyes until we arrived at the stage



Haha so this chapter was probably a bit boring but yeah. I really hope you guys are enjoying it.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while :(

But when I do I always update a good few chapters.

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