Back For You

Harper Cowel is in a tight predicament. She is fake dating Louis Tomlinson. URGH! She hates it, and she wishes he would just drop dead. Do her feelings change.


1. The Call...

Harper's POV


I grimace when I see the caller ID on my cell phone. It was my famous uncle... Simon Cowell. I whine but, answer it. "Yellow?" I ask. "Hey Harper." he says. "Yeah, yeah just cut to the chase I know you're only calling because you need help with a client." I snap. "Ah yes. You can read me like an open book... I do indeed need help with a client...His name is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. His image is slipping so I need you to fake date him for at least a year to clear his image. help me try to change him, and turn him around." he begs. I sigh. "Only because you're family." I could practically hear him smiling through the phone. "I'll be there in ten minutes to pick you up. I will bring the lads along as well." he says. "Okay I'll go get dressed." I state. "Okay. On our way now." he says. I hang up, and throw my phone on my bed. GOD I WANT TO STRANGLE HIM!!! I walk to my closet, and decide on wearing a light blue tank top reading 'Monsters Need Candy Too.', and a pair of orange rolled up Aeropostal sweat pants. I smile, and slip on my dark red beanie. I smile pleased with my looks, and decide to pack everything of mine in all my suit cases. I hear a honk outside my flat, and run down the steps with all my bags in hand. I open the door to my flat, and set my bags on the porch

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