What About Us

'Please, don't go' I whispered weakly, standing in the rain letting my eyes fill with tears as Harry's hand stayed grasped onto mine loosely. 'I-I'm sorry Cara' He let go of my hand and turned around, walking away. I started sobbing, completely confused on why my bestfriend had just left me alone, with no explanation.

Harry was Cara's bestfriend until he just left one night without a reason. When Harry decides to come back, will Cara even want to know him anymore?



8. 7

Harry fell asleep with his head in my lap and I gently stroked little curls of his hair. I wondered why his mum had acted in such a bad way. I know it's bad to think this way but I was kinda glad that Harry was staying with me for a bit. It gave us a proper chance to catch up. I shuffled down a bit and lay next to Harry as I closed my eyes. He rearranged his body around mine as he wrapped his arms around me. I smiled and tried to get some sleep, not even knowing what the time was. 

I woke up and sparsely started patting the coffee table looking for my phone. I picked it up and looked at the time. 9:00am. Shit, I thought. Harry had been home for over a day now and the others had no idea, and I also had ignored all their calls and texts yesterday, I quickly scanned them, basically all of them saying 'Where are you?!?' and 'I'm so worried!'. I sighed and was about to reply to a few when I felt Harry stir and wake up. He looked young and helpless, I just wanted to give him a hug. 'You okay?' I asked him. He hesitated then nodded.'Good' I smiled as I tried to get up. He grabbed my hand and I sat back down on the sofa. 'Don't go' He teased playfully. I rolled my eyes and laughed as I attempted to get up again. This time he grabbed me round the waist and pulled me down onto him and started tickling me. 'H-Harry..s-STOP!' I screamed with laughter as we mucked around wrestling and tickling. After a while, we both got tired and collapsed onto the sofa again. I rested my head on his chest as I drew little shapes over his t-shirt. He wrapped his arms round me and rested his head on the top of mine as we sat there in silence, getting our breath back. After a while, I broke the silence with the question that had been playing on my mind. 'Harry?' I said softly. 'Mhmm?' He replied. 'What are we? You and me, I mean?' I asked quietly, you could hear the nervousness in my voice. I felt his body vibrate as he chuckled softly. Before he could reply, we were interrupted by the door. We both heard it swing open and his the wall as I shot my head up to see who it was, that had basically broken into my apartment. 'Louis?' I asked in confusion. 'Cara where have you been?! We've been worried sick about you!" He said slightly angrily but confused himself. I forgot they couldn't see Harry laying on the big sofa below me. Eliza,Jasmine,Niall,Zayn and Liam followed him into the apartment and smiled at me as I got up and accidentally kneed Harry right in the place where I shouldn't have done. 'Oh fuck' He groaned. I tried to hold in my laughter and I turned to check he was okay. 'Erm..someone down there with you?' Niall asked in bewilderness at the awkward noise coming from the sofa. Harry slowly sat up, wincing as the others gasped. 'Harry?' Zayn cried. He nodded and smiled awkwardly. 'Woah woah woah, hang on, what the fuck is going on?' Niall bluntly asked. Eliza and Jasmine just stood looking completely confused. 'Well, I guess we'll tell you' I shrugged.

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