What About Us

'Please, don't go' I whispered weakly, standing in the rain letting my eyes fill with tears as Harry's hand stayed grasped onto mine loosely. 'I-I'm sorry Cara' He let go of my hand and turned around, walking away. I started sobbing, completely confused on why my bestfriend had just left me alone, with no explanation.

Harry was Cara's bestfriend until he just left one night without a reason. When Harry decides to come back, will Cara even want to know him anymore?



6. 5

I just stood there and stared at him. Was this real life? 'I'm so sorry Cara' He said. 'Why did you do it?' My voice cracking, before I broke down in sobs and felt Harry's arms wrap round me. 'Can we go back to yours?I owe you an explanation' He suggested. I nodded as we walked back to my flat. We sat down on my sofa and we were both pretty shook up. 'So tell me' I said coldly. 'Cara, it was so hard and you wouldn't have understood' He sighed. 'So you decided to just leave me here alone? Harry you have no idea how depressed and alone I've been this past year' I mumbled. 'I'm sorry, I am so so sorry Cara and i'm just gonna have to tell you' He said. I nodded and urged him on. He sighed and seemed to be thinking on what to say next. I spoke up for him. 'Well when you left, you said that you couldn't be around me..what did I do that was so wrong?' I whispered. He turned to face me as he shuffled closer. 'I couldn't take being around you anymore because I loved you, I loved you so much and I couldn't do anything without wanting to just kiss you or hold you but I knew that if I tried anything it would ruin our whole friendship, so I left..because I just couldn't take how perfect you are anymore..and the truth is that even after a year, I still love you' He babbled out so quickly I could barely understand him. He sighed and rested his head in his hands. 'Harry..' I said softly. He turned and look at me. 'When you left, and you turned and walked away..that's when I realized that I love you too' I said. He sat up and I gave him a little smile. We both leaned in, and I could see him watching my lips as we got closer. He rested his hands on my waist as I put my hands loosely on his shoulders. He gently pressed his lips on mine as I kissed him back. I could feel him smiling against my lips. We broke away and smiled. 'That was perfect' He whispered. 'I missed you so much Harry' I said quietly. 'I missed you too Cara' He said as I snuggled into his chest. We casually talked about random things as we lay entwined on my sofa. 'Hey should we call the others to tell them you're back?' I asked him. 'Hmm do it tomorrow, I just want to focus on you for the moment' He said sleepily. I smiled and laid back down with him. I couldn't believe he was back, I couldn't believe that he said he loves me and I couldn't believe we kissed. I was so happy that I finally had him back.


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