What About Us

'Please, don't go' I whispered weakly, standing in the rain letting my eyes fill with tears as Harry's hand stayed grasped onto mine loosely. 'I-I'm sorry Cara' He let go of my hand and turned around, walking away. I started sobbing, completely confused on why my bestfriend had just left me alone, with no explanation.

Harry was Cara's bestfriend until he just left one night without a reason. When Harry decides to come back, will Cara even want to know him anymore?



4. 3

I grabbed my phone and my keys and ran out after him. I caught him standing on the bridge, with his arms loosely resting over the side concrete barriers. I carried on walking as he turned his head and saw me. I saw him sigh and wipe his eyes as he starting to carry on walking. 'Harry? Harry, what the fuck is going on?' I called. He stopped and turned around. I got close to him to see that he was crying. 'Harry? Why are you crying?' I whispered and I stepped closer towards him. He looked exasperated and hurt. 'I can't tell you Cara but I can't do this anymore either' He cried. 'Do what? I have no idea what you're talking about!' I cried back. 'I just can't do this anymore, I can't be around you, i'm leaving' He mumbled through his tears before he turned around and started walking a slow steady pace into nowhere. This was my fault? I started to helplessly cry. 'Harry?' I weakly called through my sobs. He didn't turn around but I heard his cries get louder after I said it.

I was so confused and upset. What the fuck just happened? I sat on the concrete pavement and just cried. He was just gone, like that. I stood up and started walking aimlessly about. I probably sobbed and walked for a good half an hour before I realized I was freezing cold in my pyjama shorts and a t-shirt and I was faraway from my flat. I hazily looked through my contacts on my phone and decided to call Niall.

'N-Niall?' I sniffed as I wiped my eyes. 'Cara? Cara, are you okay?' He said quickly. My mind re-remembered what had just happened and I burst into a new set of tears. 'Calm down, i'll come and find you' He said softly as he hung up.  Shortly after, I saw Niall's familiar car pull up on the side of the road as he got out and walked towards me, a crying heap of mess on the floor. I probably looked so pathetic but my bestfriend who I spent pretty much every day with had just left and told me it was my fault. I had a valid reason for being a mess. 'Oh my god what happened?' Niall said as he crouched down next to me and took my hands. I could barely bring myself to say it. 'Har-Harry left' I mumbled. 'What? Sorry Cara, I can't hear you' He asked me. I suddenly got angry. Angry at Harry. Angry at myself. 'Harry left! Harry has left forever and he said it's my fault but I have no idea why, Harry has fucking left me, us, everything and it's apparently all my fault' I screamed at Niall. 'Shh, calm down, calm down' He said gently as he wrapped his arms around me and I cried into his chest, losing motivation to stay angry. 'Come on, let's get you home' He said as he led me to the car and opened the door for me. We drove back to my flat in silence, every now and then i'd let out a little sniff. We slowly walked inside, I felt weak and helpless as I flopped onto the sofa. Niall sat next to me and sighed. 'So Harry's..left?' He confirmed. I just nodded and rested my heavy head in my hand. 'And you don't know why?' He asked carefully. I shook my head, no motivation to answer him properly. I felt bad for acting like such a freak towards Niall but I couldn't help it. 'Shall we get the others over and see if they know anything?' He offered. 'Yeah okay' I croaked. My throat was sore after all the crying. After a while, Louis,Eliza,Liam and Zayn showed up. Jasmine was away with her parents for the weekend or something. 'Oh my god what the hell's happened?' Louis said as he saw me looking pale and weak in the corner. I was tired now, and I regretting letting them all come over. I didn't want to explain it all again - however I had to, and it ended up in tears again. 'I'm sure it's not you're fault' Eliza tried to reassure me. 'Why else would he say it?' I mumbled as I felt tears build up again. After a while, they all went home and I stayed on the sofa, not sleeping at all the night ahead.

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