What About Us

'Please, don't go' I whispered weakly, standing in the rain letting my eyes fill with tears as Harry's hand stayed grasped onto mine loosely. 'I-I'm sorry Cara' He let go of my hand and turned around, walking away. I started sobbing, completely confused on why my bestfriend had just left me alone, with no explanation.

Harry was Cara's bestfriend until he just left one night without a reason. When Harry decides to come back, will Cara even want to know him anymore?



2. 1

'Hey come here, come here Cara!' Harry teased as he chased me around the beach trying to catch me. I had spent the whole day with the boys and Eliza and Jasmine. They laughed as Harry unsuccessfully tried to grab me as I darted from his reach. I got tired quickly and stopped running for a minute, only for Harry to crash into me and collapse in a heap on the sandy floor. 'Get off me' I laughed as I tried to push him off. We went and sat closer to the others as the sun started to set. Jasmine was asleep on Liam as he gently stroked her hair. They were so cute together, they didn't even realize it. I'm the first to admit that it was easy to get jealous of their relationship. Eliza was also in a relationship with Louis - which we all knew was going to be hard work. Louis' amazing and we all love him, but he can be a bit crazy sometimes. However, Eliza gave him a chance and they are so happy together, made for each other. Niall,Zayn and Harry were all single though. 

Harry's never really approved of any of my previous boyfriends for some reason. They were all okay I guess, apart from one. Kyle. But, it doesn't matter about him. 

It was getting late and we were all super tired now. 'Do you wanna stay at mine tonight?' Harry casually asked. I nodded as I yawned. I always stayed round Harry's or vice versa. It wasn't awkward because we both knew that we were best friends - as did our parents..not that my parent's really cared.

We said our goodbyes and I got in the passenger seat of Harry's car lazily. 'Do you wanna borrow my stuff or go to yours quickly?' He asked as he started driving. 'I'll just borrow yours' I mumbled, half asleep. He chuckled as he accelerated down the road. We walked into his familiar house and said hi to his mum and sister who were watching tv in the living room. I went into his room and flopped down on his bed as I took in the comforting scent of his sheets. He chucked me a pair of Gemma's old pajama shorts that didn't fit her anymore, which I regularly wore whenever I came here, and one of his t-shirts. I loved wearing Harry's shirts, they made me feel safe and at home almost. I slipped them on as he went in the bathroom and got under the covers. I was nearly asleep when I faintly heard him come out from his bathroom and laugh quietly as he slipped in next to me and switched out the light.

I woke up before him, like I usually do, and shuffled around to face him to check he was asleep. As usual, he was practically snoring. I was bored waiting for him so I gently prodded him in the chest. He didn't stir so I did it again, harder. He mumbled something before wrapped his arms round me as if I was a teddy bear. I laughed at him. 'Harry I know you're awake' I said as I struggled to get out of his grip. 'Barely' He groaned as he lazily sat up and rubbed his eyes before sighing. 'Okay, now i'm awake' He smiled sleepily.

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