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2. imagine for anyone xx

Y/n is your name You can't believe what day it was today, it was the warmest of days this summer but today was also the day you and your best friend Charlotte were going to a one direction concert but what made it better was that you were frount row. You alway new that Harry was your favourite ever since the day the group was put togther. TIME SKIP Here you are at the concert and Niall was right infrount of you. You were acting like a maniac shout all their names and waving at them as well as signing along to all the song. Suddenly a girl about 8 or 9 fell on the floor and Harry saw looking worried. So you run over to the girl and picked her up. You notices she has no hair so she has cancer of something like that. You run over to backstage security while you whisper in her ear that everything is going to be alright. When you get over to security they take the girl but ypu hear her say that she wants you come with her so you do. She gets layed down in one directions dressing room. And suddenly as soon as you put her down she asks where she is and what happened so you explain that she cloupesed and the tears stream down her face and you start to cry. Then she asks why your crying and you say that you dont like it when you see children cry she nods and you dry each other's tear and you ask her name and she said it was Sammie and you say that your name is y/n and you have a chat and you get to know that she is 8 and 9 in a months time and that her brother is Harry you were trying not to fangirl because you were scare you would seem like a idoit to Sammie. Suddenly all of one direction run into the room and have a puzzed and wrriee look on their faces Harry runs up to Sammie and asks her why your in here. And she explains that she helped you. Harry then pulls you over to theconcer ofthe room and thanks you for saving his little sister and he asks you name and you say that ot is y/n and he starts flirting with you and says how a lovely ne to is to fit a beutiful girl and he then goes back to serious and says that Sammie has terminal cancer. You start crying releasing that that is why she was crying when you said she fainted . Then you insently feel yourself ge pulled into a bear hug by all he boys xx That night you got to chat with the boys and Sammie and Sammie kept randomly binging up uow Harry has a crush on you so you play truth and darw and Liam dares Harry to ask you on a date and he does and uou answer with the most romantic kiss ou could ever give anyone xxxxxx Hope u enjoyed reading this remember tp comment!!!!
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