Justin Bieber Love Story

This is a story about you and Justin. But instead of writing 'You' or 'Y' all the time, your name will be Britanie.

Justin is famous in this story. Britanie is a belieber and has been supporting him since the start. One her birthday she gets tickets to go see Justin in concert. Her and her best friend Lauren travel to go see him, even though Lauren isn't a belieber, or a fan.
Read to find out what happens.


30. Truth or Dare.

Britanies POV:

I didn't feel like fighting so after we ate I said lets play truth or dare!


A: Britanie T or D?

B: Truth.

A: Are you still a virgin?

B: yes.  Chaz, t or d?

C: Truth.

B: Who do you like?

C: Nicole.

B: *looks down*

C: As a friend. you didn't specify which like.

B: your a jerk. *pushes him*

C: Ryan T or D?

R: Dare.

C: I dare you to kiss.... Nicole!

R&N kiss.

R: Ali, T or D?

A: Truth.

R: think you and COdy will ever get married?

A: yes. Justin, t or d?

J: truth...

A: Why did you che-


A: have you ever cheated?

J: uhmm... no.

B: *mumbles* fucking liar.

Cait: what?

B: nothing. im going to bed. night




Sorry its short. It is 2:40 AM where I live and im getting really tired. I will try and do some more tomorrow!  Promise!


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