Justin Bieber Love Story

This is a story about you and Justin. But instead of writing 'You' or 'Y' all the time, your name will be Britanie.

Justin is famous in this story. Britanie is a belieber and has been supporting him since the start. One her birthday she gets tickets to go see Justin in concert. Her and her best friend Lauren travel to go see him, even though Lauren isn't a belieber, or a fan.
Read to find out what happens.


19. Night.

B: Night.

J: Where are you sleeping?

B: Couch. Now Night.

J: *sighs* night. *goes to bed*


Britanies POV:

It started storming out, like really bad and I hated it. it reminded me of when my mom would abuse me. I got up and wrapped myself in the blanket since I was only in my bra, undies and my shirt and went to justins room.


B: *knock knock*

J: *Answers it in just his boxer briefs* hm?

B: *starring at his abs* uhm... uhmm.

J: *chuckles* Hello. earth to britanie. Face is up here not on my abs. *lifts chin up with index finger*

B: *blushes* sorry uhm, do you mind if I sleep with you?

J: Scared of thunder and lighting? *laughs* night.

B: *mumbles* fuck you *walks back out to the lounge and sits on the sofa and texts Nicole.



B: Hey, I got on the wrong bus. found out im opening for Justin. I was gonna forgive him he was being super nice earlier but is now a super dick. he wont let me sleep with him. cause you know how im scared of thunder and lighting cause it reminds me of how my mom abused me? yea, he laughed at me. guess im gonna be up all night and tired as hell tomorrow.

N: im sorry sweetie, I kinda figured that when RYAN came on and hold on I got this.


END of texts.



N: *tells ryan everything*

R: Oh my god, he is such a dick!  *texts Justin and tells him everything*

N: well?

R: He said he is gonna go get her.

N: good. night.

R: night.



B: *Halfway asleep*

J: Hey Britanie...

B: hmm?

J: Come here.

B: No.

J: *picks you up bridal style and notices your only in a shirt. shuts the door behind his, lays you in his bed, gets in after, covers you guys up  and puts his arm around you, you cuddle into him.* *Kisses you gently on your head* *whispers* ill never let anybody or anything hurt you.. goodnight my princess... I love you.


Britanies POV:

I acted like I was sleeping cause I wanted to see what he was doing. he mut have thought  I was sleeping cause he said those 3 words. 'iloveyou' I leaned up and kissed his lips once I knew he was aasleep. and I whispered. love you too.

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