Justin Bieber Love Story

This is a story about you and Justin. But instead of writing 'You' or 'Y' all the time, your name will be Britanie.

Justin is famous in this story. Britanie is a belieber and has been supporting him since the start. One her birthday she gets tickets to go see Justin in concert. Her and her best friend Lauren travel to go see him, even though Lauren isn't a belieber, or a fan.
Read to find out what happens.


33. Leaving.

Britanies POV:

So I got off the phone with Selena, and she was actually... Nice? I wanna leave but I don't. I wanna leave because like Selena said, Caitlin will make my life hell and plus Justin will always be over her. And I don't wanna leave cause of Nicole, Ryan, and Chaz. I really like Chaz, and I know he really likes me. MAYBE I can see if they can come with me. I will call Selena and ask.


Phone Convo.


S: Heey!

B: Hey Sel, I have a question. And is it ok if I call you that?

S: Yea, its ok if you call me that, we are friends now! And whats the question?

B: Uhm... I was wondering if 3 people could come with me...

*There is a silence*

B: Sel? You there?

S: Who are they?

B: My best friend that I met at Justins concert, Nicole. She is also like my sister. And Ryan of course, I know if Nicole comes he will to because he is INLOVE with her. *laughs* and... *mumbles* Chaz...

S: Who was the last person?

B: *sighs* Chaz..

S: Why chaz?

B: Because I like him. And he likes me.

S: Are you just gonna use him to get over Justin?

B: No. I really like him. Like legit. So can they PLEASE come with me.

S: Fins, but hurry. The jet left.

B: THANK YOOOU! Love you Sel!

S: *Laughs* love you to Brit! Bye!



End of call


Britanies POV:

So I finished packing and ran and got Nicole and Ryan. They were in the same room, talking I told them to pack there bags we were leaving and to NOT tell anybody. And to pack EVERYTHING! They did as told and came into my room. I went into Chaz's room but before I did I heard him talking to himself...


Chaz's POV:

I was pacing back and forth thinking outloud about what had happened today.

*talking to himself*

Why would Justin just lie? I know him and Britanie were dating, but WHY would he lie and say he wasn't cheating on her? Shes perfect. I mean, her brown eyes when I see them I get lost into them, the way her brown hair falls, the way she looks is just... flawless. And what pissed me off the most, was when Caitlin walked in and I knew what she was thinking. She thought Britanie was fat. HOW could anybody think that?!? Britanie is just the right size. She is just... She would never fall for me... Im a nerd... *tears fall down & sniffles, sits on bed* I should just leave and get outta here. I mean she can have anybody that is famous. I mean look, she had Justin. But he fucked up. Im leaving...


Britanies POV:

I heard everything he said. I wonder I he knew he was thinking out loud. *says out loud* He is so cute. How could he think I would never like him? *tears fall down, and then she hears a door open and she looks over and sees Chaz looking at her*


C: Where you eavesdropping? *cocks a eyebrow*

B: *looks down* Uh, uh... No..

C: I think you were.

B: What makes you think that? *keeps looking down and fiddles with her fingers*

C: Because you simply said ' He is so cute. How could he think I would never like him? ' And that's what I was thin- WAIT! Was I thinking out loud?

B: *nods head*

C: *blushes* Stupid Chaz...

B: Your not stupid. But I came by to talk to you. Can we go in your room? *looks at him*

C: Sure. *walks in*
B: *walks in after and shuts the door, mumbles* he is so cute when he blushes.

C: *heard her and chuckles* So what did you wanna talk to me about?

B: Well, I was talking to Selena and I told her about Justin and what happened and that he cheated on her to. She didn't believe me so she gave me her number and *explains everything* and she said I could bring Nicole, Ryan, and You...

C: Why do you want me to come? Because im cute when I blush?

B: *shit he heard* Uhm.. well, you are cute when you blush.. but I want you to come because I like you... and I know you like me.. so what do you say? Ryan and Nicole are coming we leave in 2 hours. we are all packed besides you. if you wanna come.

C: Britanie, id love to come.. But, I think we should go our separate ways. I mean, im normal. im a dork,im not famous. So this is goodbye. *says it seriously, but is actually joking*

B: *Looks down with tears in her eyes and sniffs*O-ok... Well, b-by-bye chaz.. *walks out the door and slides down the wall and cries*

C: Did she think I meant that? *sighs* shit. *runs out the door and sees her crying, bends down and picks her up and carries her in his room and sits down with her on his lap* Hey babe. *shit, I just called her babe* look at me, beautiful. *now I called her beautiful.. Chaz just do it and get it over with. *

B: *looks at him with tears running down her face* w-why did you c-call me b-ba-babe... and I-im not be-beautiful. im fat and ug-ugly.. you hear what everybody says. *cries and buries her face in his chest*

C: babe, look at me *she doesn't, he lifts her head up and they look at each other and he kisses her with lots of passion and she kisses back with the same passion. and they look at each other* im gonna come with you guys, I wouldn't dare leave you. *puts hand on her cheek* I love you too much.

B: *looks at him* you love me?

C: *blushes & looks down* yes.

B: *kisses his cheek* your so cute. Now pack.

C: Help?

B: *rolls eyes* lazy.

C: yup.


Chazs POV:

Well we are all packed so Britanie, Nicole, Ryan, and I let and went to the private Jet. it  had 2 bedrooms so we could all sleep. I told Britanie her and Nicole could sleep together but of course Ryan had to speak up.










Keep reading to find out what Ryan has to say. I couldn't believe it myself. Actually... I knew it was bound to happen. Silly kids. xD


I just wanna thank you guys so so soooo much for reading and liking my story, it means a lot to me. I never knew I was a good writer. And sorry I haven't wrote in a long time, I have been busy. :/ But im making it up by doing a LOT of chapters. I stayed up all night just for you, loves!

Thanks again!

Love you guys!

<3 :*

And no hate to anybody in this story I absolutely adore everyone of them. Im not a big fan of Selena, but shes ok. On that note. Onto the next chapter!

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