Justin Bieber Love Story

This is a story about you and Justin. But instead of writing 'You' or 'Y' all the time, your name will be Britanie.

Justin is famous in this story. Britanie is a belieber and has been supporting him since the start. One her birthday she gets tickets to go see Justin in concert. Her and her best friend Lauren travel to go see him, even though Lauren isn't a belieber, or a fan.
Read to find out what happens.


24. Hospital.

Patties POV:

I cant believe she said that to her. I mean I know Justin likes Britanie and all but Selena had no right to say that to her... Britanie is like my second daughter. And I knew Britanie liked Justin but I knew she wouldn't get in the way of they relationship. I just hope that Justin breaks up with Selena. I never liked her, she was just using Justin for fame & money.


Justins POV:

So we got Britanie in the car, my mom is in the front with Scooter while he drives, her head is in my lap, while her feet are on chaz and her body is on Ryan and Nicole is in the back crying. Technically everybody is crying. I cant believe Selena said that to her. I just want to talk to Selena because I don't think she WOULD say that to her... She is to sweet. Ill talk to her later.


S: We are here.

J: Ryan, Chaz, go get someone ill carry her in.

C&R: Ok.  *leave*


J,B,N,P,&S get out of the car while Justin is holding Britanie and he runs into the hospital with her in his arms.  The nurse comes and ask what happened and take her away to pump her stomach in hopes to save her.

J: Scooter, im gonna go and call Lauren & Ted.. Hopefully She still cares about her and will come.

S: Ok.

P: Oh, Justin.

J: Yea Mom?

P: When you get back, we need to talk...

J: Ok.. *walks outside, and calls Ted*


WITH Ted & Lauren. Cause Lauren is at Teds house.


Teds Phone Rings.


T: *looks at caller ID and see Justin is calling, and sighs*

L: who is it babe?

T: Justin... But why would he call? He hasn't called me since we left like a year ago.

L: What if something is wrong?

*phone stops ringing*

T: Must not have been import-

*his phone rings again, and it is Justin*

T: *answers* Hello?


T: I didn't think it was important you haven't called me in a year.

J: Sorry, ive been busy wit-

T: Selena. I know its in the news.  What do you need?

J: Is Lauren with you? It involves her to.

T: Yea she is, but if this got anything to do with britanie she don't wanna know.



Laurens POV:

I heard Justin scream that She can die and that he didn't care... And I knew it had to do with Britanie. I did care about her... I missed her like crazy, she was my bestfriend. I snatched the phone out of Teds hand and put it on speaker.


L: Justin whats wrong?

J: its Britanie.

T: Dude I told you she don't give a damn about brita-

L: TED SHUT THE HELL UP! Go on Justin..

J: Selena told her something and I don't know if it is true or not and we came back on the bus and I found her in the bedroom.. she toke a WHOLE bottle of sleeping pills. We found her just in time though hopefully. We are at the hospital now. She is getting her stomach pumped. Will you guys please fly to Texas? PLEASE?

T: Im not. She screwed you over on stage.

L: I will. that's my bestfriend she could die.  What else did the note say?

J: Uhm.. that she uhm... Loved me and always had feeling for me.

L: Pssh, I knew that. Ill be on the next flight out. Which is *checks* DAMN IT! 2 weeks.

J: Ill send my private jet. Get ready, you are leaving tomorrow.

L: Ok thanks.

T: your not going anywhere.

L: Yes I am that's my BESTFRIEND!

T: *sighs* guess im going too...

L&T: Bye Justin and thanks.. *hangs up & packs*


With Justin


Justins POV:

I started walking back in but got stopped by Selena.


S: Juuusty what are you doing here babe?

J: Britanie toke a bottle of sleeping pills, I think I found her just in time. She is getting her stomach pumped so she may be fine.

S: *mumbles* Damn I thought she would die.

J: *he heard her*  What did you say?

S: Oh nothing.

J: You said you thought she would die.

S: No.

J: Yes.

S: No

J: Yes

S: No

J: No

S: Yes.

J: HA so you did!

S: Yes ok I did! But only because she likes you aand I know you like her.

J: *looks down* you know we aren't really dating.

S: Oh Justy... You don't get it. My mom only said that cause I wanted you for your money and to make me more famous. This whole time I have been with someone else behind your back. *phone rings* hold on


Sel is on the phone


S: Hello?

?: Hey baby

S: Oh, hey Mason. How are you babe?

M: Good, So did you ever dump that gay fag Justin yet?

S: im doing it now. Ill mee you at your house in 10 minutes Ok? Love you babe.  *hangs up*


Off the phone.


S: Well that was awkward...  Well, anyways we are over. Gve me 100 dollars.

J: WHAT NO? im not your boyfriend.

S: *goes up to him and whispers, but he was recording what she was saying* Give me the money or ill KILL Britanie.

J: *sighs* Here. Take the money. Now GO! *goes into the emergency room.




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